Nelson Is Latest 2009 Forward To Commit

Tis the season to commit if you are a power forward. Days after the Wear Twins and John Henson opt for North Carolina, Reeves Nelson senses its time to pick his spot and finds the perfect fit at UCLA.

Modesto Christian has cranked out its fair share of players over the years. Recently Cal's Richard Midgely and Kentucky's Chuck Hayes were front and center for the program. Currently, power forward Reeves Nelson ( No. 30) is the headliner and on Thursday he picked a select program and coach in which to further his career.

After receiving national recruiting attention, Nelson committed to UCLA.

"He has potential to be the best player to ever come out of this area – period," Modesto Christian athletic director Greg Pearce told "I see Reeves at UCLA between 1-3 years, that's my prediction. He's got that type of talent to do that and I think UCLA would agree with me on that. When it's all said and done he could be our highest profile player. The potential is there to be that."

"He called Coach Howland last night and threw his hat in the ring to play for the Bruins," Brian Nelson, Reeves father told

A bruising forward, Nelson fits Howland's style of play extremely well. He's a solid athlete who brings a hard-nosed identity to Howland's frontcourt.

There's a lot that goes into a college selection, but at the end of the day it was hard to overlook UCLA's successes – past and future – when making the call. Plus, like in the real estate game its location, location, and location.

"I think it's fair to say location played a part," Brian Nelson said. "Staying on the West Coast Reeves is close to family and friends and those that love him will get to watch him regularly."

In the last week, three big men popped for North Carolina. UCLA was involved with each. Those decisions raised the awareness of Nelson. As is often the case, one commitment fuels another and so on and so forth.

UCLA, Duke and North Carolina were the final choices, according to Nelson's father.

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