2004 Shot Chart: Isaiah Swann

Isaiah Swann had seen better days. But, despite struggling with his jumper, the Oak Hill junior found a way to have a great game versus Hargrave.

Inside The Game of Isaiah Swann

Shooters shoot. For that reason, it goes withou saying that they miss too. Isaiah Swann can shoot and more importantly, he's one of the best scorers in the Class of 2004. Against Hargrave, his jumper wasn't there. But, he didn't let it affect his game.

Swann kept firing away but unlike other outside marksmen with off games, his misses were masked because of the other things he contributed on the court. First of all, in looking at the accompanying shot chart, you'll notice a slew of misses in the paint. Most of them were short to mid-range jumpers. Most days, he drills those shots.

Swann did a great job of staying active. He recorded 10 rebounds from his guard position and four of them were offensive. He got himself in the paint and fought for rebounds and shots. What we liked about him more than anything was that he was following deep misses up with drives to the whole. Basically, he wisely recognized that if his jumper wasn't going down he needed to get himself on track in other ways.

15 points and 10 rebounds could easily have been 25 points. In conclusion, Swann's savvy and skills turned what could have been a bad overall game into a very impressive effort in which he was the sparkplug for his team's win.


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