Beckham Finds Shooting Stroke

Antiquawn Beckham is changing coaches opinion about his shooting ability and that's led to an increased recruitment. The big guard discussed his options with

In high school Antiquawn Beckham showed great court vision and an ability to get to the basket, but his shooting ability was always a question mark. Now at New Hampton (N.H.) School, "Twanny" is changing his reputation.

"The season is going good," Beckham said. "We've had some tough losses, but I've been playing really well. I've been shooting the ball well, which has impressed a lot of coaches, because a lot of coaches have questioned my shooting."

Beckham, a 6-foot-5, 185-pound guard, who is averaging 18 points a contest, even hit five three-pointers in a recent game, with a Georgia Tech assistant was on hand to see him.

"Most coaches questioned my shooting and a lot of coaches know that I can get to the basket and score, but don't know if I'm going to knock the jump shot down," Beckham said. "Now they are starting to see that I can knock them down consistently every night."

To go with the Yellow Jackets, Bradley, East Carolina, Wichita State and Creighton have all made trips to see him recently and a few of them stepped up their efforts with a scholarship offer.

"St. John's just called and wanted to know if I as interested in taking a visit after the season is over," Beckham said. "Bradley and East Carolina offered me recently. Witchita State and Bradley were here last week and Creighton has been hitting me hard.

"I'm still wide open, but Georgia Tech came up and their assistant coach was impressed, so they are going to send their head coach out," he said. "I talked to UK a few days ago and they asked me to send some film."

At this point, Georgia Tech is starting to make some waves with the talented combo guard. Although they still haven't offered, they are planning to send their head man up to evaluate Beckham.

"I was talking to their coach and he pretty much knew from talking to people about my game, but he was really impressed with the way I shot the ball. I hit five threes and he was impressed with that because he didn't think I could shoot that well. He said he was going to send Coach Hewitt up here."

With all of the recruiting attention and improvement that Beckham has made, it appears his gamble to go to prep school has paid off. He said he'll likely make his decision after taking a few visits.

"I'm going to take some visits at the end of the season. Right now if Georgia Tech offered me, that'd probably be the school I want to go to. I like Coach Hewitt and where Georgia Tech is located, that would be a school I would lean towards if they offered."

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