2009's Cooley Heating Up Quickly

Jack Cooley's father has been pretty busy. The phone lines are burning up with scholarship offers. Since Sunday night, three Big Ten programs have made scholarship overtures.

"I've still got my voice. The last 48 hours has been insane. Can you hold on for a minute?"

That in a nutshell has been Jack Cooley's world the past few days, according to his father, Jack Sr. The 6-foot-8 Glenbrook (Ill.) South junior has received numerous scholarship offers since Sunday night.

"Sunday night, Notre Dame offered. Monday it was Illinois and Wisconsin offered today," Cooley's father said. Is Tom Crean's Marquette program next? Northwestern is in the mix and Southern Illinois offered a long time ago. However, interest last year has now manifested itself in bonafide high-major scholarship offers.

"These guys are realizing he's a damn good player," the father said. Cooley, who puts up double-double numbers, ran with the Rising Stars last summer. Recently he played with some coaches in the building and the next thing you know a recruiting game of follow-the-leader ensued.

"What happened was he had one of his best games last Sunday. Notre Dame came down and Wisconsin was there. Plus, he's been playing real hard lately.

"What I really think happened was that all these guys were real close and one threw his hat in the ring and the rest didn't want to lose him. Iowa is probably next and Northwestern isn't sure what it wants to do."

Cooley's father says his son looks up to Notre Dame's Luke Harangody and North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough. Harangody's recent successes cast him into the spotlight and in many ways, might have helped jump start Cooley's interest. With each, what you see is what you get and Cooley's wired up the same way.

"Jack's only been on the AAU circuit for one year. His strength is that he's a good solid, fundamental player. He fits tooth and nail in the paint and that's what he's all about. He can score left hand, right hand; those are the fundamental things all these guys don't have. "

"He's been playing like a monster," Rising Stars coach Mike Weinstein said.

Cooley has visited most of the schools on his list. He'll be at Notre Dame this weekend. Dad understands that when the offers come and you've got a great feel for the school, maybe its best to get the process over and done with. It sounds as if Cooley Jr. may be off the market sooner than later.

"I don't know. It's kind of emotional for us. We want to get it done before but I'd like to get it done, have him enjoy his season and really enjoy his AAU season and have some fun.

"We've been out and a lot of mid-majors offered Jack pretty early. Obviously the goal was to try and get him somewhere in the Midwest. Right now we're in a very good position to say the least. "

Good position? That's an understatement. Every day since Sunday a new high-major coach has picked up the phone and laid out an offer.

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