Pepperdine Releases McCoy

The second signee in Pepperdine's 2008 class picked up his release this week. Paul McCoy is now back on the board and other than Bud Mackey's he's the best point guard still available.

Just a few days after Brad Tinsley picked up his release from Pepperdine, the Waves released his AAU teammate, Paul McCoy, from his Letter of Intent.

"I just got it back a few days ago,"'s 86th ranked prospect said. "But I haven't really gotten any phone calls because I guess you have to fax it to their school before they can call you, so my mom is going to do that later."

"Hopefully I'll start getting some phone calls," he continued. "I guess with the rules you have to fax the schools the Letter of Intent to prove that you have it. I don't know it's all really tricky.

Vance Walberg resigned from Pepperdine on January 17th and since then Eric Bridgeland was named interim head coach. McCoy said he opted to apply for his release because of uncertainty with the staff.

"I was really cool with [the staff] and I was looking forward to being with them down there, but since they are leaving it helped me make my decision to get out of there," he continued.

McCoy, who is ranked as the 10th best point guard in the class of 2008, is having a solid senior season and recently scored 41 points Portland (Ore.) Grant's win over Wilson last week.

"The season is going good," he said. "We started off a little slow, but it's picking up now. We are going to finish off the P.I.L. and we should take first and then we have the playoffs and hopefully we'll do some damage down there."

With only eight games left in the regular season, McCoy is averaging 16.4 points.

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