Still Waiting For The Call

It looks like Wisconsin. On the surface it sounds like Wisconsin. But this doesn't have the feel of a situation that's completely and totally over or wrapped up with a nice bow on it just yet.

Still Waiting On The Word

On Tuesday morning, word leaked out that Brian Butch was set to commit to Wisconsin on Wednesday. That's normal. Usually the day before a press conference, a prospect will make the mistake of a calling a basketball office and the cat is out of the bag. But exactly where is this "word" coming from?

Well, we can confirm to you that Brian Butch called some basketball offices but we aren't sure the nature of those conversations. We can tell you that more than one school doesn't think they are getting Butch, but we can also tell you that to the very best of our knowledge not a single school has received a telephone call from Butch himself alerting them to his final choice. We don't think Butch has called staffs and told them he's headed to Wisconsin. We think some observers might be reading it that way but that might not be reading for comprehension.

Usually a prospect will tell the college staff exactly where he's going and give them the old "thanks for recruiting me" line. We don't think he's made calls of that nature yet.

Taking it a step further, his high school coach is adamant that no decision has been made yet. "Brian is struggling with a decision at this point," Appleton West coach Greg Hartjes said in an email to "Brian, his parents, and myself are going to meet this evening to go over things one more time hoping to reach a decision. At this point Brian is not sure. He talked with Coach Doherty this morning; he talked with Roy Williams last night, and is hoping to talk with Coach Ryan sometime today. He will call all 4 coaches tomorrow to let them know. Any speculation about Wisconsin is just that."

Looks like Wisconsin, sounds like Wisconsin but is it Wisconsin?

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