Q&A With Nolan Dennis

Nolan Dennis, of Richland Hills (Tex.) Richland, is starting to narrow his list. The 6-foot-5 wing, who is ranked No. 23 overall, went one-on-one with Scout.com to discuss his season and recruitment.

How has the season been for you?
It's going good. I think we are 23 and six. We've played a lot of games and we've won a lot of games. We are going to get second in the district and then we are going to have to play Duncanville to get to state, which we are really looking forward to.

How has the season been for you individually? Do you feel like you've played up to expectations?
I've played up to expectations, but I think I could do better. Basically I'm really focused on doing whatever it takes to make my team win. That's really my main focus this year. It's coming from different stats, instead of always points. I might have to rebound and I'm working on that a lot. Assist wise I'm trying to get my teammates in it and then it goes smoothly.

Is there anything this year that's you've really tried to work on and improve?
The main thing that I've been working on is going to the weight room more and trying to get stronger. In college it's a more physical game and I'm trying to get my body ready for that. Pretty much rebounding too, because I'm a tall guard and I can get in there and rebound with some of the big dudes. I've been working on my defensive play a lot too.

Describe your game for someone that hasn't seen you play. What kind of player are you?
I like to excite the crowd and basically do everything smooth and make everything look easy and real effortless. I like to entertain people and that's one of my main things.

How is the recruiting process developing for you?
It's going real smooth right now. I'm just taking it one step at a time. Even though its during the season schools are still staying in touch with me. It's going really smoothly. It's not as hectic as it was my freshman year when they all came at me. So it's going good.

What schools are involved right now? Have you cut it down?
I haven't really cut it down, but I do have a few colleges that I'm mostly looking towards and those would be Memphis, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, UCLA and Texas A&M.

Is there anything that stands out about those schools? Did they recruit you differently?
One of the things that I look at that stands out is the way they play. I like their styles of play and I have a good relationship with their coaches and they've gotten to know me. I really look at their style of play to see if I fit in.

What are you looking for in a school?
The main key is I want to win a national championship. I like to win and I don't know who doesn't, but that's one of my main things to win a national championship.

What's the next step with your recruitment?
During the summertime after high school games are all over I'm basically going to be visiting a lot more schools and getting to some campuses. I might do some AAU tournaments, but I'm basically trying to get my body ready and do some one on one workouts and just try to get ready for college basketball.

You watched your older brother go through the recruiting process, has that helped you?
That's helped a lot. Seeing all of the college coaches call and talk to him. He's been helping me on that and helping me choose the right school.

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