Plumlee Continues With Visits, Collects Offer

Junior Mason Plumlee had a national power in his gym Monday night. One of the nation's biggest coaches and top teams joined the battle for this standout junior.

Mason Plumlee's recruitment is at such a high level that if you only had the AP Top 10 work with you'd pretty much have his list. On Monday night, one of the big hitters in college basketball recruiting offered him a scholarship.

"Coach K came up here and we're going there Wednesday game against Maryland," Plumlee said. The Duke Blue Devils have officially offered the 6-foot-11 power forward. They, however, aren't alone.

Since the fall, Plumlee visited Michigan, Notre Dame, Illinois and Stanford. He's been to Indiana and host of other programs.

"My parents love to do it. There's not much to do back home where we live so it's always neat to go to a game and that's why I visited so many schools. I wanted to see a little bit of everything and where I fit in."

The Arden (N.C.) Christ School junior ( No. 39) recently visited Georgetown. "I really enjoyed it. I really like Coach Thompson a lot. I like a lot of things about it."

Texas and UCLA are also on his list. Those programs would love a visit but that'll be tough. "I don't know if I'll be able to visit those. I know I can't visit them until the summer and even in the summer I don't know because I'll have to fly out there."

Programs involved with Plumlee have wondered what would happen if Duke offers. "They're definitely one of the top 5 or so. I don't rank them or have a list but they're so prestigious and Coach K is a great coach. You have to listen to them."

Last spring, Mason's brother Miles Plumlee made his move and blasted his way into the Top 100. He hasn't stopped improving since which begs the question: is Mason ready to take another jump with his game?

"They way he gained a lot of strength and athleticism so quickly after he was done growing … it seemed like he came out of nowhere. He wasn't the same player he was back in Indiana or the first part of his junior year. If I can make the strides he has that would be awesome."

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