Q&A With Jamil Wilson

Jamil Wilson, a 6-foot-6 junior, is having a great junior season. The talented forward is averaging 19 points and 11 rebounds and has Racine (Wisc.) Horlick in the section semi's. Wilson went one-on-one with Scout.com to discuss his season and his recruitment.

How is the season going?
The season is going pretty well. We are finding some diamonds in the rough on our team and a lot of guys are stepping up this year. I can distribute the ball a lot more, which is something that I'm focusing on. We have a lot more players that can put up points and do different things. I'm focusing on sharing the ball with my team and so far it looks like it's working because Friday night we have the sectional semi at home, so something is going right for us.

How was your first playoff game?
Our first playoff game was yesterday afternoon. We won. We beat Muskego by 29, so we are advancing to the sectional semi-finals on Friday night, which we are hosting against West Allis. I know they got a bunch of shooters. It should be a good game.

What about you individually? Do you think you've played up to your own expectations?
I don't think I've played all the way up to my potential yet. I've had games where I've had a great all around game, but I don't think that I've played up to my potential. All of that is part of having a numerous amount of players on my team that can also play. I do think I've done well this season though. I lead my team in all stats except free throw percentage. Other than that I think I'm doing good in the conference and I think I might make all-state this year, which is what I'm hoping for, so I think I'm doing pretty good. I'm being a leader on my team.

You made Honorable Mention last year, is getting on the all-state team one of your main goals?
I have goals and those are the ones I want to reach. I want to get all-state before I leave high school and hopefully I'll get Mr. Basketball next year. That would be a great accomplishment.

Wilson averages 19 points a game
Your ranked in our top ten…do you feel like that puts pressure on you?
It does, but then it doesn't. If you're top five or top ten or number one or number two, the team that you're playing they know [about your ranking]. They know if it's Jamil Wilson, or Johnnie Lacy or Jeronne Maymon so regardless of how hard you play they are going to come out and try to go 100-percent harder. It's harder because they know who you are and they are after you, but you just have to go out there and give it your all and play your best. At the end of the game it'll show if you were determined enough to win or if you have the hunger to win or not.

Where are you with the recruiting process right now?
Recruiting is going well. Like usual it's heavy mail and I get a couple of emails from some coaches for games. A couple of them tell me that they are coming to games. Other than that everything is still the same. I'm getting different letters from different schools. Some west coast schools have popped in there.

What position are schools recruiting you to play?
I went to Marquette/Wisconsin because they were close. Right now I don't have time to drive on school nights to Michigan and all of these other schools, but when I went to Wisconsin they told me that I'd be playing the three. [Tom] Crean told me that he'd have me as a combination of a three and four, but if I went there and stayed there all four years that he would eventually have me as a big guard.

You mentioned Marquette, Wisconsin and Michigan, who else is involved?
I'm getting a lot of love from Purdue, Michigan and Michigan State. Michigan State has been on and off because I know Izzo and Crean are boys, so it's been kind of on and off with them. Then it's Indiana and I've been getting heavy mail from USC, Illinois State, Illinois and Iowa State. There are a lot of schools. Ohio State offered and that's a strong option. They are a big school.

What's the next step with the recruiting process?
I'm planning on enjoying my last summer with my team. I've been with them since the fourth grade. This summer I'm looking forward to having some fun with my boys for the last time. After that we are all going to be playing against each other because I'm pretty sure we aren't all going to the same school. I'll probably decide after the AAU season. This summer I just want to have fun. I just want to go out and play ball.

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