Paul Milsap Update

If Paul Milsap is going to decide in the early period, he's got some work to do. Just recently he became eligible to take official visits.

Information Slow To Come Out

Paul Milsap is apparently keeping his options close to his vest. We've heard LSU is involved and also Louisiana Tech; he has a relative on Tech's staff.

However, according to his high school coach Michael Lyons, Milsap is still evaluating schools. "He's narrowing it down as we speak. We'll eventually narrow it down to five schools and those will be the five he'll visit."

Still, we continue to hear Louisiana Tech will be a major player when it's all said and done. "At this point, Louisiana Tech would be one of his top priorities," Lyons said.

Milsap also has some work to do in the classroom. "He's working hard to get the core done. Like any student, he's got to burn the midnight oil and get it done."

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