Evans Thinking Post-McDonald's Decision

When you're an all-american life can go from good to great in a hurry. Take Tyreke Evans for instance. After being named a McDonald's All-American, he seat front and center for the Memphis-Tennessee classic last weekend.

From a Memphis standpoint, a win over Tennessee would have been huge, especially with senior guard Tyreke Evans on campus for his official visit. Evans wasn't fazed by a visit that went off without a hitch after arriving Saturday morning.

"I knew it was a good game," Evans said. "They could have won that game. I was just happy to get down there and watch the game. Coach asked me a few questions after the game but the (loss) didn't affect me at all."

Evans got to spend time with John Calipari before the game, touring campus and seeing the arena before the people who paid $10,000 a seat arrived for the classic.

Evans, whom would not name a leader, indicated that despite water cooler whispers that he's headed to Memphis, still keeps a trim list of Texas, Louisville, Villanova and the Tigers.

"I wouldn't say they lead, nobody leads at this point. I made that my last visit because I hadn't been there."

There's talk that schools might have eased up with Evans in lieu of the Memphis rumors. "I've been hearing that (Louisville) stopped recruiting me because they think Memphis is a done deal but they still get in touch with me."

During the season, Evans found himself in front of police as he was a witness to a murder. At the time he thought it may be best to get out of Philadelphia but now that things have calmed down he's not against staying home. Evans has been cleared of any wrongdoing after fully cooperating with the police.

"Villanova definitely is coming hard. Jay Wright talks to my brother a lot. After hearing I went to Memphis they want to talk to my brother about me coming back up there.

"I thought it might be a bad option because of the situation that's been going on but everything is calmed down. It's not a bad option to stay home. I thought it was going to be but its not."

Texas, a place where Evans has visited, also remains in the mix. There are no more plans to see campuses and Evans indicated a decision is likely following the McDonald's All-American game in Milwaukee at the end of March.

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