2010's Anderson Going Step By Step

Sophomore center Evan Anderson is in the state playoffs. The 6-foot-11 big man told Scout.com he's moving along at his own pace.

Evan Anderson is one of the biggest prospects in the Class of 2010 -- literally. The Eau Claire (Wisc.) North product is growing into his status. A big name on the traveling team circuit and an even bigger kid on the court, he's easing into his ranking.

As a sophomore, Anderson accounts for 10 points and 8 rebounds. For him, it's a natural progression but sometimes, because of his size, expectations are out of whack for a kid who can't operate a moving vehicle yet.

"(People) want more than what they might get," Anderson said. "I'll live up to those expectations once I get up to my senior year. Most people expect it now."

Sometimes it's easy to forget that trapped inside a man's body is a youngster who requires time to evolve into the dominant personality his body dictates he becomes.

Close your eyes and listen to Anderson recall his development from freshman to sophomore season. It sounds like something a rookie quarterback might say once he's been in the NFL more than a year.

"It's been mental. I would say freshman year I wasn't into the varsity experience. This year it slowed down and I'm just more comfortable."

The sophomore's favorite shot is the hook and he's not into throwing recruiters curves either. Recruiting isn't something that consumes him … yet.

"I watch games but I'm not so worried about it now especially during the high school season. I'm worried about my team doing well."

Anderson attended Midnight Madness at Marquette and has been to Wisconsin.

Anderson certainly isn't in a rush and he doesn't feel pressure from the programs recruiting him. "It's their season too and they're not as worried about (recruiting) as much as their off-season; I'm guessing."

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