Geroge, Dorsainvil At Notre Dame

Bill Barton thinks he's got a pretty good team. It won't just be the Will Blalock show this year. Barton talks about a pair of newcomers who are turning heads in Fitchburg.

George, Dorsainvil Emerging

Last year, Reggie George was playing high school ball at Palos Heights in Illinois at Shepard High. He needed some core classes and found his way to Notre Dame Prep. Schools like Indiana State, Illinois State and Southern Illinois, programs who chased him last year, might find it an uphill battle this season.

Last weekend, he visited Iowa State. "He liked it a lot but he's not ready to pull the trigger," Notre Dame head coach Bill Barton said. George also visited George Washington. His rise up the charts happened in September.

"He was off the charts when the college coaches came. All of the sudden he's taken off. Barton said that Indiana called and so did Illinois. UMass wants him to take an official and Providence is nibbling. Buffalo is in the mix as well. Barton says his guy will hold his three visits for later.

Meanwhile, Frantz Dorsainvil, a Canadian who made his way to Notre Dame via New Jersey, is sifting through his academic situation.

"Two things could happen," Barton said. "We could get some good news on some courses in Canada or he could reclassify [as a junior] at the December break."

More than likely Frantz will become a member of the Class of 2004 right before the end of the calendar year.

"With that body he should be hurting other people. I don't know too many guys that want to mix it up with him underneath. He could be Karl Malone-type big."

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