Q&A With Leslie McDonald

Just a few days after leading Memphis (Tenn.) Briarcrest Christian to the Division 2-AA state title, Leslie McDonald went one-on-one with Scout.com.

How did you feel about your season overall?
We came out with a wining season. There were some bumps along the way, but we found a way to reach our goals and we won a state championship.

How did you think you played individually?
I think I did pretty good this year. My main focus was to get better and be more aggressive this year. I wanted to be more of a leader for my team this year and I reached those goals and we got a state championship.

Did you think you all had a chance to win a state title at the beginning of the year?
I actually did. We have so much talent on our team. I really did think we could win a state championship.

What was your role on the team?
Coach wanted me to score, but I also wanted to get my other teammates in the game as well. I know a lot of people were looking for me to score and that was a good thing because I might draw a double team or a box and one and that helped my teammates a lot because I could distribute the ball to them and get them open shots.

Leslie McDonald Won Mr. Basketball
Who all is involved in your recruitment? Have you narrowed it down?
It's still Memphis, Tennessee, Ohio State, Georgetown, Duke and North Carolina.

You took a trip to Tennessee just after you won the state championship. How was that visit?
After we won the state championship me and my dad thought it wouldn't be so bad to drive to Knoxville to watch Tennessee in that one. We just watched that game and came back home. I got to talk to the team and Coach Pearl was mainly talking to the players, but he gave me a hello.

What is your approach to the recruiting process?
I just really want to get to know the coach and the team. I'm also looking at academics and athletic wise I've been studying colleges and looking at the offense that they run and the plays that they do. I just really want to get to know these colleges.

You also were at the Memphis/Tennessee a week ago. How was that experience?
I was just there for the game. A lot of people were trying to ask which side I was on or who I was rooting for, but I was just there to enjoy the game. It was a great game.

Are you starting to develop any favorites?
Not at this point right now. Me and my dad are starting to discuss colleges and really take notice of each college. I really can't start evaluating colleges until I've visited that school. I still want to visit North Carolina and Duke and see what they are like. And I want to visit Georgetown and Ohio State also.

Do you have any kind of timetable on a decision?
You don't know when a commitment is going to happen, but I would like to have a commitment by the fall of next year.

This is your last summer on the circuit, do you have any expectation for it?
To me I feel like this is my last AAU season and to me I have to end it with a bang. So I'm going to come out strong and just look out for me.

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