Haws Caps Junior Year With Title

Junior Tyler Haws scored 20 points a game, shot 54% from the field and won his second state title in as many years. The junior shooting guard is now talking to the media, days after earning his second ring.

For the second year in a row, Highland (Utah) Lone Peak captured the state championship. Leading the way was a 6-foot-5 junior shooting guard, Tyler Haws.

For Haws, going back-to-back was special because of the focus it took to repeat," Haws told Scout.com. "Just knowing that you're going to get everyone's best shot every night you have to come ready to play and be mentally into it right from the start. We have a huge target on our chest and we treat every game like it's the state championship."

With the high school season in his rear view mirror, it's AAU time for the member of the Class of 2009. Haws is set to run with Salt Lake Metro where he'll be on full display. A handful of programs have beat the posse to the prospect party.

BYU, Utah and Stanford dispatched head coaches during the season. Marquette, Harvard and Wake Forest have been in touch, most sending assistant coaches to see him play or practice.

"I had the Stanford coach come to one of my practices – the head coach – and that was cool. Our coach tells the recruiters to stay away until the end of the season so we can stay focused. It'll get crazy in the next week."

There is one wrinkle in recruiting Haws. A Mormon, he'll arrive at school and spend a year there. Then, he'll depart for a two-year mission before finishing out the last 3 years of his career.

Having said that, we asked Haws what the proper approach to recruiting him would look like. "Just try and make me feel comfortable. Make me feel like I belong and there's a spot for me that's needed on the team. The three big keys are that I want to feel comfortable, I want to have a relationship with the coach, I want to fit in with the offense and I want a good education outside of basketball."

For now, Haws has a scheduled unofficial visit to Stanford in April.

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