Hargrave Rallies For Win

DURHAM, N.C. – It wasn't pretty, and most of the spectators in the building had to be glad when it was over. A foul-marred contest saw Hargrave rally to defeat Mount Zion 82-76 behind a monster game from Gerald Brown.

Brown Rallies Hargrave

Normally, we try not to notice officials and it generally works. But, when a rag-tag officiating crew blows their whistles 29 times in the first half and follows up the first 20-minute performance with 29 more second half fouls for a grand total of 58 blows of the whistle, it's tough not to notice them.

Beside the ridiculous number of infractions cited, turnovers were at a premium. At least that's how the officiating crew saw it. There were no official statistics kept, but you can get 20-25 traveling violations were called, most of which didn't take place.

Oh, and for the game. After sifting through the carnage the officials left behind, Hargrave rallied for an 82-76 win. The teams were tied at 33-33 at the break.

Gerald Brown hit up Mount Zion for a team-high 31 points, including all of the key hoops down the stretch. Two weeks ago, he scored 27 in a loss to Oak Hill. Right now, he's the lone offensive player on Hargrave's team that can just go ahead and create his own shot at will.

Meanwhile for Mount Zion junior Glen Dandridge turned in what had to be one the best performances of his career. Dandridge scored 32 points including 6-for-9 from 3-point land. He finished the game 7-for-13 overall from the field and a perfect 8-for-8 from the line. Dandridge's release is compact, his range is deep and he's pretty automatic if he gets a good look.

What's strange about this game, Hargrave's Hassan Fofana and Mount Zion's Mohammad Tangara and Martin Iti did not score in the first half. That's right, none of the highly touted big men scratched in the first stanza. Tangara fouled out with 5 points and Iti was dismissed with 6 though he was part of big second half Mount Zion floury. Fofana, still playing on an injured groin, was able to manage just a free throw.

Box Score:

HARGRAVEJason McKinney 15, Hassan Fofana 1, Joel Green 6, Gerald Brown 31, Ryan Lambert 13, Chaz Crawford 4, Jean Louis Outtara 8, Jeremy Benjamin 3.

MOUNT ZION – Mohammad Tangara 5, Robert Simpson DNP, Jaaron Greene DNP, Glen Dandridge 32, Tasheed Carr 3, Albert Webber 13, Ramel Bradley 8, Martin Iti 6, Dana Burns 5, Maurice Petty 0, Richard Dorsey 6, Josh Washington DNP.

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