McDonalds: Hopson Q&A

"I was just pushing and pushing in the season to get my team's win to secure my opportunity to be here." Scotty Hopson pushed hard enough to earn McDonald's status now he's one of only two uncommitted players at the game. Here's what he says about his recruitment.

Is It Weird Being One of The Only Un-Committed Guys?

It's cool. I'm just doing my thing. I'm taking my time with it. I'm not worried about recruiting; I just want to have fun and play basketball.

How Far Along In The Process Are You?

I guess I'm pretty far a long. I think about it when I'm off the court, maybe taking a shower but for the most part I go along with my day.

What Gets You Excited About The Decision?

I'm just out here loving it. I can't be down. I'm at a peak right now and it feels so good that I'm here with these players and I'm showing off my talent.

What' Your Main List Now?

Mississippi State of course. Tennessee, Texas a little bit. A little on Kentucky. Louisville is in the mix.

In Your Mind What More Do You Need To Know?

It's just about feeling comfortable in the situation, that's why I need to take some more visits. I haven't really visited a lot of the places to know if I'm going to be comfortable there or not. The only place I visited (officially) was Mississippi State;

I went to Tennessee like a year ago but I haven't seen any of the facilities.

Do You Have Any Visits Scheduled & If So When?

I don't have any of them scheduled but I plan on taking some though. Probably most likely Tennessee, probably Louisville and probably Kentucky. I guess Texas.

What You Are Saying Is You Need To See More?

I still have Mississippi State big on the list but its about me choosing the best for me. I want to make sure if I do go to Mississippi State or Tennessee, any of them places, it's going to suit me for the best. I want to make sure I'm making the best decision.

Without Saying Who Leads, Is There a School That Has Done The Best Job?

Mississippi State. Tennessee is doing a real good job.

Sometimes Schools Send 3 Coaches, When You See That What Do You Think?

I guess it's a commitment to let them know how much they really want me. I guess they think that's what they need to get the job done and that's what they do.

Mississippi State has numerous times. Tennessee has and Louisville has. Both Pitino and another assistant came to my game. I think Kentucky has too.

There's A Perception That Miss. St. & Tennessee are the teams to beat. Is That Accurate?

Nah, it's pretty much about equal right now.

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