The Next Plumlee

Marshall Plumlee, a 2011 prospect, had the advantage of watching and learning from his older brothers. Now the youngest Plumlee is starting to make a name for himself.

Marshall Plumlee is still just a freshman in high school, but groundwork for the 6-foot-8 post prospect has already been laid.

The Plumlee family is well known in recruiting circles. Marshall's oldest brother, Miles, is headed to Stanford next year. The middle brother, Mason, is a rising senior and will play his college ball at Duke.

"I definitely think it'll be easier," the youngest Plumlee said. "Miles had it the hardest. He was 5-10 in the eighth grade and he grew to 6-6 his freshman year. He really made a name for himself."

"If it wasn't good enough to have one Plumlee brother before me, I had two. I think I'm really lucky, fortunate and blessed. They've just told me everything and I've seen them go through it all. They've told me what to expect and I'm really happy."

This past season at Arden (N.C.) Christ School, Marshall dressed varsity, but didn't see much playing time. Despite not getting much burn, he was still apart of their state championship run.

"Winning a state championship is the best feeling in the world," Plumlee said. "It's great. It was fun to be with my brothers. I didn't get to play a lot, but I wasn't expecting to play a lot. I actually preferred playing behind them."

"I'm just glad that I got to practice with both of them because how many 6-9 people like that are you going to get to guard that dribble and what not," he continued. "I got a lot of experience from that. I loved it and I think I've gotten a lot better."

Marshall Shows His Skill
Next year with Miles at Stanford, Marshall hopes to step in and contribute for the Greenies more. Before that can happen he says he needs to gain strength and fine tune a few aspects of his game.

"I'm going to do what I need to do," he said. "I'm not going to force anything. I think I might get more playing time and definitely I think if I get stronger over the summer I'll be able to help."

During the spring and summer Marshall will run with the Indiana Elite 15's team, which ironically also includes Luke and Tyler Zeller's younger brother, Cody, who already stands 6-foot-6.

Prior to his first event with Indy Elite, Marshall participated in the Carolina Challenge in Cary (N.C.) this past weekend. During the three-game event he took on all challengers, including a pair of talented junior post prospects.

"I thought I did OK [at the Challenge]," Plumlee said. "I was up against Ryan Kelly and I was a little intimidated. He's a really good player and I didn't do so well."

"The next game I went against Mason, my brother. That was a little awkward. I didn't have that many points, but I felt like I nailed the running up and down the court, which was one of my focuses and I tried to work on rebounding."

Despite being so young, Marshall made a number of plays that helped him standout. His most impressive move was a left-handed hook on the block. Although he missed the shot, it showed just how skilled he is.

"I'm really trying to work on my touch around the basket," Plumlee said. "I love to be a big guy and maybe I'll grow some more, I don't know, but a shot like that is good for anybody. I'm also trying to work on dribbling. I'm trying to work on it all."

With his potential, he'll likely be one of the best big man prospects in the class of 2011 and some colleges already have a head start on recruiting him.

"I've gotten letters from a few [schools], they were just questionnaires," Plumlee said. "I definitely like Stanford and Duke because my brothers are going there. They are great schools.

"Notre Dame, we've visited them a lot and I've gotten a chance to get close to them," he continued. "They offered Mason and I together, but now that Mason didn't commit I'm not sure if it's still intact."

Before it's said and done, Marshall will have plenty of other schools involved with his recruitment, but he'll be ready because he's seen both of his brothers go through the process.

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