Ebanks Tour To Continue

Devin Ebanks will visit 4 schools over the next few weeks. West Virginia worked itself a visits and tips off the process this coming weekend.

Devin Ebanks, one of the top uncommitted players in the senior class, is about to step out and take some official visits. Having been to and previously committed to the Hoosiers, the 6-foot-8 Ebanks has 4 trips remaining and he's taking them all.

West Virginia kicks off the festivities this weekend followed by Texas on April 25. Rutgers host him the first weekend in May and Memphis bats cleanup May 9.

Where does all this leave the Hoosiers? "He hasn't taken them out of the picture," Lawrence McGuggins, Ebanks' AAU coach told Scout.com. "Right now they're still a part of his focus. We're waiting to see what happens. There's still a lot of sanctions and things looming. He's spoken to Crean."

Ebanks, Scout.com's No. 13 prospect, was the No. 1 recruit for Indiana prior to Kelvin Sampson's departure. "From my understanding (Crean) told Devin there's a lot of cleaning up he has to do but everything (Devin expected) remains the same. That was all that I got out of him."

Once the Hoosiers stranglehold on Ebanks was loosened, teams with prior relationships began dipping their toes in the pool to take Ebanks' temperature. Those relationships led to making the cut list and now to visits.

"Texas had been somewhat involved last spring. They were up and down. Rutgers has always been there and we know all the guys (there). Memphis with Chuck Martin, when he was at St. John's. West Virginia was recruiting Christian Morris so I had an existing relationship with them from that. At the time when Devin committed Huggins had gotten the job and had seen Devin and liked him."

Over the next month, the Ebanks tour will continue rolling. The big question is: what will inspire Ebanks this time around?

"He's pretty much looking for something as close to what he was expecting at Indiana," McGuggins said. He knows he's got to work hard and nothing is guaranteed but he's looking for minutes and a place where he can be a focal point or at least be in that top 1 or 2 (position as a focal point)."

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