Q&A With Tristan Spurlock

Tristan Spurlock, of Rockville (Md.) Montrose Christian, went one-on-one with Scout.com just a few days after putting together a big performance at the Boo Williams Invitational.

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How'd you think you played this past weekend?
I think I played really well. It was my first time winning a tournament, so that was my favorite part it. Getting to win and being able to say that I didn't lose any games and we didn't have to go through any silver brackets or bronze brackets. We played the best of the best and we showed to everyone in the country that we are probably the best AAU team out there.

You shot the ball well and took it to the basket, do you feel like your game is really developing?
I do and I feel like that's the best part of my game – being able to be so versatile. I can take a power forward out in space and blow right by him or I can take a little guard and post him up or shoot over him, so I think that's probably the best part of my game.

You played a lot on the wing during the weekend, is that something that you are doing full time now?
When I was younger, in fact my freshman year of high school, I actually played the point guard position, so I was always getting a chance to dribble. But at Montrose I didn't get the chance to dribble as much because we have a system.

What is Boo's upcoming schedule? Where are you playing in the next few weeks?
We are taking this weekend off and then next weekend we'll be in Dallas for the Next Level.

How is the whole recruiting process developing? What schools are involved?
It's actually starting to pick up a lot. I have offers from Georgetown, Virginia, Wake Forest, Florida State and USC. I'm also talked to Texas, UNC, N.C. State. I don't have offers from Texas or UNC though.

Who has been recruiting you the longest? Where are you at with your recruitment?
Right now Georgetown has been recruiting me for a little bit. Virginia has probably been recruiting me the longest. Wake Forest came in the picture. I talked to Coach [Dino] Gaudio when Coach [Skip] Prosser was still alive. He had actually started recruiting me and when coach Prosser passed Coach Gaudio took over at the head coaching position. At Florida State I've know Coach [Andy] Enfield for a long time now. We used to work at the shooting camps. I used to go to those camps when I was younger.

What's the next step? Where do you go from here?
I'm just trying to see what my schedule is like for visits. I would like to make a decision before the season starts, maybe during the fall time.

Are there any schools you definitely want to visit?
Not any more than any others. I'm just looking and taking things a little slow. It's all kind of exciting.

Is there something in a school that you're looking for?
I'd like a school that has a lot of name behind it. That way after you're done playing basketball you can go with your degree from that school and say ‘hey I went to Georgetown or I went to UNC.' I just want a school with a very big name behind it.

Academics are very, very important and of course winning is important. I don't have to start as a freshman, but I want to be able to fight for playing time as a freshman. If I do well enough where I can start, that's even better.

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