The 2004 Database Is Here!

Folks, we've got one eye on the Class of 2003 and the other on the Class of 2004. That's why we're proud to release at the 2004 database. You got questions about the next generation of rising stars? We've got the answers.

2004 Database Rockin' and Rollin'

Welcome to the 2004 Basketball Scout Database!

We don't think, in the history of recruiting on the Internet, that anyone has been able to accomplish what we've got in store for you with our Class of 2004 database. This is a comprehensive introduction to the kids you are going to be reading about for the next 365 days. We've seen most of them, have done some homework behind the scenes and are ready to introduce them to you!

In fact, we challenge you to find a site as comprehensive or detailed as we are with the Class of 2004. Get on the message board, ask me about kids. Unlike many sites and services, we rely on 1) event coverage where we see the kids play and 2) superior knowledge of the players and behind the scenes sources for our information. Are we fired up about 2004? Absolutely and you should be too given the depth and quality of the class.

So, just days before the official start date of the early signing period for seniors, we want to treat our subscribers to a preview of what the next year is going to look like. 2004 Basketball Scout Database currently has over 300 players entered into the system. You'll find that most of the elite level players will have a bio write up, a picture, some statistics (if we have them) and a few schools of interest.

I hope you all share my energy and passion for this tool on the site. In the near future, the scout database will appear on all of the team sites. Again, I think you will find this database to be comprehensive, informative and dynamic.

AND, in case you don't have a subscription, there could be no better time than the present to join Network and become part of the growing base of fans, players and coaches who use and call it their home for college basketball recruiting information.

Yf you can't tell I'm fired up about this feature, than chances are you don't know me well and aren't a subscriber. Join us today!


DATABASE Tips, etc.

Though the database is up and running, we need to give you some tips on how to use it, what to look for and why not to complain if we're missing guys.

• Getting Started, Where To Begin: Go to the homepage and under the header "Recruiting" on the left navigation bar, click on "Prospects". From here, you will have to change the "Class" in the top right hand corner to 2004 and you'll be good to go. OR you can just click on this link and you go right to the page.

• First of all, only prospects with "Schools of Interest" show up in the database. If you are looking for information on a prospect and you don't see his name there are two reasons why: 1) he's not in the scout database because we haven't seen him or heard of him yet or 2) he's not listed with any schools. Until we can come up with a list of schools for the player, the only way to view his profile would be to type his name into the 2004 search engine on the site.

• Rankings: It's way too early for this but we've identified the top guys at each position and using the database is easy when you look by position.

• School Lists: We aren't even close to having lists for everyone. In many cases, our school lists are generated from various outlets for information, not just the kids. If you see just one school listed with a player that means we "heard through the grapevine" that either the player is interested in the school or the school is interested in the player. Our lists will become more detailed as the season progresses.

• Additions, etc.: Because this is the earliest we've released a database, we're missing kids. There is no doubt in my mind we'll continue to build  the scout database probably on a daily basis throughout the season.

• Hot News: My main objective was to get this feature up and running so you can easily follow underclassmen throughout the year. With the Hot News feature, we'll be able to report easily on big games or what staffs were out watching the players. This is a great tool for recruiting information.

• Star Ratings Are Conservative: We assign stars values in a conservative manner with the understanding of how easy it is to change our minds and make adjustments. Our "5 Star" players are the elite of the elite. The kids we think are the cream of the crop. We'll update ratings as the year goes on and kids play their way up the charts. Our motto is if you can play, we'll find you and do our best to rate you accordingly.

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