Lamb On Early Recruitment

Tyler Lamb, the talented 6-4 sophomore shooting guard from Ontario (Calif.) Colony, talked to us at last weekend's Double Pump Spring Tournament, discussing his early recruitment, his early favorites, what Pac-10 school has offered him a scholarship and factors in his eventual decision...

Tyler Lamb, the 6-4 sophomore shooting guard from Ontario (Calif.) Colony, talked to us at the Double Pump Spring Tournament in Denver, Colorado, last weekend.

Lamb had a very good weekend playing with the Pump N Run Elite team, which won the tournament. Lamb showed an advanced feel for the game and good skills for a shooting guard, while also displaying an improved athleticism.

In fact, Lamb said he's been working on that very thing. "I've really been working on my body," Lamb said. "I'm trying to get more athletic and stronger. I feel like I'm more explosive and I'm getting up higher and easier than I was last year."

Playing for an all-star type team like the Pumps, who struggled at times in the tournament before putting it together, Lamb said it was a matter of the players getting to know each other. "It's taken us a while to adjust to each other, but when you have so many good players on one team everyone knows how to play, Lamb said. "We're just really trying to get a feel for who likes the ball in what place. I've learned where they all want to get the ball. Like I learned that Reeves Nelson likes to get the ball in the short corner in the post all day. So, it's really fun."

In terms of what he wanted to accomplish himself, Lamb said he wanted to showcase some specific talents in the Pump tourney. "I was really trying to step up my defense more and get my teammates involved on offense," Lamb said.

In terms of recruiting, when asked what were the schools showing him the most interest, Lamb said, "USC, Tennessee, UCLA, Washington and California."

USC, Lamb said, has already offered him a scholarship, as has UC Santa Barbara.

"USC offered me a scholarship at the beginning of my sophomore year," Lamb said. "That was big for me, USC jumping on me early. I guess they saw something. So that's a big factor for me."

Lamb also said that he's visited USC's campus. "I went there last year and saw the campus and watched them practice," he said.

Lamb wouldn't say he had a favorite at this time, saying he was just "trying to keep an open mind."

But he did say, if he had to narrow it down, there were some schools standing out for him. "If I had to narrow it to a few, I'd put UCLA in there, USC, Kansas State, Louisville and Ohio State."

Lamb said he had a pretty clear idea what would be factors for him in his decision: "Coaching, to me, is big, to help me get to the next level. I also would like a players' coach, someone who really supports his players. Being close to home isn't really a factor. You travel so much in AAU ball that I'm pretty used to it. Whether it's a big, successful program, with tradition, doesn't matter that much. But I do like a school in a big city. I'm a big city kind of guy."

A good student, Lamb said his grades suffered a bit during basketball season. "But I'm getting them back up now. My GPA is probably around a 3.0."

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