2004 Shot Charts

As we continue to introduce our subscribers to the Class of 2004, we give you a slightly closer look at guards DuPree Fletcher and Darius Washington.

2004 Shot Charts From The Big Time

DuPree Fletcher and Darius Washington were two of the 2004 stars at the Big Time last July. Fletcher took his team deep into the tournament by scoring a ton of points. When he tired out, DTA Wisconsin finally lost deep in the playoffs.

The Milwaukee native can really shoot it. The following shot chart was conducted late into his Vegas run when the tank was almost on empty. Regardless, you can see how comfortable he is moving around and getting his offense.

Washington took the Florida Hoopsters, put them on his back and lost in the title game. He shot a remarkable 32-for-36 from the line the final day of the event. He was perfect in this outing, hitting all 14 of his FTs. The assist to turnover ratio wasn't very good in this one, but Washington scored almost at will when the Hoopsters needed it.  Looks like he's got a favorite spot from 3-point land.

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