First Major Transfer of The Year

The first major transfer of the season has been announced. Former McDonald's All-American James White is leaving the Gators and his father speaks about what step is next. (UPDATED)

Waiting On A School List

Update 7:00 pm ET: We think the early three schools for White are Cincinnati, Georgia Tech and Syracuse. Stay tuned!

James White, Florida's 6-7 sophomore swingman, is transferring. After playing 20 minutes a game for the Gators and averaging 6 points and 2.9 rebounds, White is leaving the school.

So far, we haven't been able to come up with a school list but should have one by midweek. The decision to transfer was reached on Saturday, according to White's father. "He went to practice on Saturday and talked to the coaches. After practice he said that's what he wanted to do. The information was released yesterday and he's in the midst of trying to get everything in order to come home."

White won't finish out the semester in Gainesville. His father says there are decisions that need to be made and he won't be able to make them from campus. "He's probably just going to come home and make a visit or two, maybe three. He wouldn't be able to do that if he's in school."

The second time around, according to White's dad, the prospect will have simple requests. "I think he'll look for playing style. Playing style and the way they recruit kids, that pattern as well. He doesn't mind a guy following him, but you don't want to go where there's a crowded situation."

We should have a list for White by mid-week.

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