Dallas, Akron: What We Learned

Phil Pressey can play, Crandall Head is an elite wing and Perry Jones is a monster in the paint. That's just three of the 10 things that we took from our time in Akron and Dallas.

Dave Telep's jester's notes on the King James Shootout

Derrick Owed A Favor – There's no debating that AAU basketball can be tough on big fellas. It's a guard's game beyond a shadow of a doubt. Having said that, Derrick Favors needs a friend. Actually, he needs touches. History has told us – proven past a scientific fact actually – that when he's given the basketball, good things happen!

Pressey Has "It" Factor – Same story we've heard since Naismith invented the game: "he's too small to play for me." Wrong. This kid can go and he'll be a high level commander of a good team.

Lacey Is A Weapon – Recruiting is a lot like dating. Everyone has their perfect match and you have to look around to find it. Johnnie Lacy, an undersized, scoring-oriented point guard simply needs to sift through the propaganda and find the school that has a history of utilizing guys like himself. We drew the comparison to Randy Culpepper last weekend.

Culpepper found a coach (Tony Barbee) who watched him grow up and fell in love with him. The result was a terrific season and projected strong career. Lacey is going to receive all kinds of attention, now it'll be up to him to determine who will be committed to letting him play the style he's best at and giving him scoring chances.

Sullinger Is A Dinosaur – They don't make Model T Fords anymore and they don't create post players like they used to either. Jared Sullinger is a throwback. He's a block kid with a big body and a beastly attitude to boot. Headed to Ohio State, one day he'll be the most rugged weapon in the league and he'll be lauded for his tenacity inside. One college coach described him as punishing and that's the perfect description.

The Race Is On – We love the wings in 2010. From Reggie Bullock to Doron Lamb to Crandall Head. Watching these guys hoop the next few seasons will be a treat. They're studs with room to get better. Head is the superior athlete, Lamb the most polished scorer and Bullock the tallest and smoothest of the bunch. Wow, what a trio!

Evan Daniels' thoughts from the Next Level Ballers Event

Don't Let KC Pump N' Run Shoot -- Boo Williams found out the hard way. KC Pump N' Run, led by Michael Dixon, Jeff Reid and Justin Clark, dropped in 15 three-pointers against the high powered Nike squad. L.J. Goolsby's group also took down Net Gain Sports and Team Texas on the way to the Next Level title. Dixon penetrates and gets his shooters looks, while Reid and Clark let it rip from deep.

Jones Is Legit - Although it was just the first look, it was clear that Perry Jones has the look of an elite level power forward. At 6-foot-10, 215-pounds he already has a strong frame and he's an athletic prospect that gets after it on both offense and defense. The Dallas (Tex.) Woodrow Wilson standout is a guy that hasn't gotten much publicity yet, but that will soon change as he and his Seawolves team will be out and about all spring and summer.

Buckner Gets Noticed - Our first look at Reggie Buckner, a 2008 prospect, was at Boo Williams at the beginning of April, since then the 6-foot-8 power forward has been on a mission. In Dallas he had his full game working, as he was scoring inside, running the floor and blocking shots. He's creeping up the power forward list and is picking up scholarship offers.

Team Florida's Young Talent Shines – Tom Topping's squad always has talent and this year isn't any different. Among his best prospects are 2010 standouts Stacey Poole and Okaro White. Poole is a 6-foot-5 scorer, while White is a long, lanky 6-foot-9 power forward. White seems to improve each time out and is evolving into quite a prospect.

Huge Prospect Emerges – When the Jackson Tigers walk into a gym it would be easy to confuse them with a college team. In reality it's a 16's team that's loaded with talent and size. The best prospect on the team is 6-foot-9, 220-pound Tyler Adams. Although just a 2011 prospect, Adams is already a dominant presence inside and understands the game. He had head coaches trailing him this weekend and rightfully so, as he looks like a lock high major prospect.

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