Hensley Memorial: Day 2 Rundown

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – DeShaun Thomas was among the top performers Saturday at the Hensley Memorial.

Andrew Smith vs. Derrick Nix – For almost an entire half, the sleeper from Nap Town gave The Family the business. Clearly, the boys from Motown took Indy Premier lightly and Smith made them pay with post ups inside. If he didn't score he went to the line and deftly made free throws.

To Nix's credit he figured out Smith needs core strength and started going right at him; it worked to the tune of 18 points and a win. What level Smith settles at we can't say. He's at least a strong mid-level prospect. He's never faced the kind of comp he has this weekend and distinguished himself (28 vs. The Family). He's begging to be evaluated by programs on different levels based on his weekend resume.

Zach Bohannon, SF, Martin Bros. – The small forward indicated he's been struggling and dealing with a nagging injury so it felt good to turn in a strong game. In their first playoff victory, Bohannon's effort gave you a window into the cerebral style he employs, He's a competitor with touch on his shot. Teaming with hulking big man Malcolm Moore and a slew of mid-level prospects, Martin Bros. is a steady crew.

Greg Gantt, SG, Fla. Elite – Weapon on the mid-major level. Top-notch ability to strip it and that's his game. Would like to see him mix in the mid-range jumper and round out his shooting arsenal. He's got the deep shot down.

DeShaun Thomas, SF, Spiece – In overtime he dumped 28 on the Tosa Bandits. The lefty with a considerable national rep is a jumbo small forward, especially when comparing him to his peers at the position. The tools are present and he'll get his numbers. Prone to settling for deep jumpers, he's always another dribble or two away from unleashing a more potent mid-range jumper.

Anderson Makes Strides
Evan Anderson, C, Wisc. Playground – Sporting size 21's and a new attitude, Anderson is unleashed. OK, Camp Darryl had no one who could look him in the eye but it wouldn't have changed our opinion. He's opened up his personality, become vocal and is more of a factor at both ends. Anderson dunked what he could and tried hammering what was out of his range. In an elimination game, he struggled to replicate the effort as Jake Kitchell and SYF handled him.

In a 6-foot-11 package with a 7-4 wingspan there isn't much not to like. We'd say he's ahead of where of expectations at this stage. With room to grow, we like where he's headed.

Aaron Crosby, SG, Ky. Hoop Stars – The former UMass pledge sports leaping ability and quickness. Entering the summer, the mid-level programs will be eager to see his potential and wonder if they'll have to fend off the big guys in the end. For him to make the higher level happen he must gain strength, finish drives and lock down his jump shot.

Sam Thompson, SF, Mac Irvin 16 – Oozing talent and has all the markers you want to see in a young wing. Either a big SG or SF down the road, there's an air of smoothness and confidence to his game. Off the bounce he's got a burst and ability to get in the paint. Incredibly poised for a young win and the Fire has a litany of good, young prospects.

A chance to evaluate Daniel Noriega came and passed. In anticipation of a long Saturday, Noriega's minutes were monitored in the first game of the day. Looks the part, has size and he'll pull it deep. …

Gregg Gantt has an offer from Liberty to go with interest from Central Florida and Stanford. The regional big boys are watching. … Evan Anderson's list reads Wisconsin, Kansas, Kentucky, Marquette, North Carolina, UCLA, Boston College and Iowa State. Anderson indicated that Wisconsin is on him the hardest. … OBC point guard Carl Jones indicated offers from Iowa, Texas Tech, Penn State, St. Joseph's and Xavier. …

Malcolm Moore has Creighton, Northern Iowa, Iowa, Iowa State, Washington State and Belmont lining up. None have pulled the trigger to date. … Zach Bohannon indicated Drake and a number of Missouri Valley schools are peeking at him. …

  • Tony Kimbro didn't make the trip after breaking his arm. …

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