Press Conference On Wednesday

Here at, we're awaiting Ronnie Brewer's college decision just like the rest of the country. Brewer's decision, which will come on Wednesday, directly impacts our fall recruiting class rankings.

Decision Will Help Shape Class Ranking

On Wednesday, at an afternoon or early evening press conference, Ronnie Brewer will announce his college decision. "I'm pretty much down to Arkansas and Oklahoma and UConn," Brewer said. However, he admitted that UConn was running third and right now being in third place probably means a bronze medal in the end.

"I'm still trying to figure something out between the two schools," Brewer said. "A lot of people said I've got a decision but I really haven't decided yet."

Brewer said that he's not able to point out one specific thing that will help him reach his decision. "There's a lot of thing for each team that I look at. There's not one major thing that sticks out. There's a lot of little things that would help me out."

Oklahoma did a nice job with Brewer on his visit. "I liked the Oklahoma visit because it was something different. I knew what Arkansas had. I didn't know that much about Oklahoma basketball but when I went to campus I had a chance to see the stadium and the new weight room."

If Brewer does opt to play in the Big 12 for the Sooners and not in the SEC for the Razorbacks, it would put his father in a kind of unique situation. Of course his dad played for Eddie Sutton at Arkansas. Signing with OU would mean that Brewer would play in the same league as Sutton and for the coach's chief rival. "I don't know if that really has an affect [on the decision] . Basically, [my dad] just wants me to be somewhere that I'll be happy."

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