Top 25 Recruiting Classes

The fall or early recruiting period runs for one week beginning Nov. 13. Here's a look at the Top 25 recruiting classes from the first signing period. Keep in mind, there are still a few players out there who would impact these rankings.

Recruiting Class Rankings

Top 25 Early Period Classes

(Updated with the decision of Ronnie Brewer to Arkansas; waiting on Brandon Bass which would impact LSU, UConn and Mississippi State should either sign him; Darryl Watkins also would have an impact on this list depending on where he goes. Also waiting to see which players don't sign letters by the end of the period; that could affect the rankings).

1. Arizona (Ndudi Ebi, Mustafa Shakur, Kirk Walters): The Wildcats get extra credit for signing the top power forward and highest-rated point guard. That's just good work.

2. Louisville (James Lang, Nate Daniels, Brandon Jenkins, Noah Diakite): Daniels is regarded as a juco stud and Lang, well, he's going to play for pay one day.

3. Mississippi State (Travis Outlaw, Jackie Butler, Gary Ervin, Shane Power-transfer): The key to this rating is that we believe Ervin is a Top 50 player. Butler needs polish and Outlaw is a sky walker.

4. Michigan State (Shannon Brown, Brandon Cotton, Drew Naymick): The easiest way to impress is to sign good players and the Spartans landed 3 from our Top 50.

5. Duke (Luol Deng, Kris Humphries): Again, we'll take quality over quantity and landing the best "available" player in Deng and Top 20 kid in Humphries is good enough for us.

6. Memphis (Kendrick Perkins, Sean Banks): See Duke and Michigan State. We'll take Perkins, Banks, Milt Wagner, me and my next door neighbor, play to 10 and spot you 5.

7. Illinois (Charlie Villanueva, Richard McBride, Brian Randle, Warren Carter): Gut feeling says we've got this class a shade low. Villanueva gives class a big time feel.

8. Maryland (Michael Jones, Hassan Fofana, Ekene Ibekwe, D.J. Strawberry, Will Bowers): Defending champs dipped into our Top 50 on three occasions; addressed needs.

9. Kansas (David Padgett, JR Giddens, Omar Wilkes, Jeremy Case): Great blend of recruits. These guys look like a great fit together and a super nucleus of new talent.

10. Arkansas (Olu Famutimi, Ronnie Brewer, Julius Lamptey, Vincent Hunter): Each prospect can hoop and the best thing about them is that none of them maxed out their potential yet.

11. Florida State (Vakeaton Wafer, Antonio Griffin, Diego Romero): Well now, it didn't take Leonard Hamilton long did it? Two juco studs and a high school ace? Nice.

12. Cincinnati (Robert Whaley, Nick Williams, Mike Pilgrim): Whaley could be the top juco in the land and Williams is consistently mentioned with the best two guards.

13. Michigan (Dion Harris, Courtney Sims, Brent Petway): Sims addresses a glaring need in the middle. Harris finds the bottom of the basket and Petway adds depth.

14. Oklahoma (Andrew Lavender, Lawrence McKenzie, Longar Longar, Brandon Foust): It's Noah's Arc in Norman. The Sooners take two from Ohio and two from Minnesota.

15. Syracuse (Demetris Nichols, Terrence Roberts, Louis McCroskey): Nothing flashy just a pair of Top 50 kids, including one with a penchant for perimeter defense.

16. LSU (Taurean Minor, Regis Koundjia, Darnell Lazare, Ross Neltner): Strap on your seatbelts Tiger fans, Minor and Koundjia are blurs from end to end.

17. California (Leon Powe, Ayinde Ubaka, Dominic McGuire, Marquis Kately (?): Cal fans are thinking Stockton-Malone with the additions of Powe and Ubaka.

18. DePaul (Wesley Green, Sammy Mejia, Marcus Heard, Tyler Smith, Lorenzo Thompson): Five potential Top 100 players. That's a pretty good effort for a first-year staff.

19. Southern Cal (Rodrick Stewart, Lodrick Stewart): Athletic pair of twins gives the Trojans a pair of Top 50 recruits. Efficient use of recruiting budget.

20. Virginia (Gary Forbes, J.R. Reynolds): Tailor made to fit the UVa style of play. Reynolds will be a coach and leader on the floor ala Roger Mason.

21. Wake Forest (Chris Paul, Kyle Visser, Jeremy Ingram, Todd Hendley): All-American Chris Paul is a natural leader. Watch for Visser to flourish next to Eric Williams.

22. Ohio State (Ivan Harris, Tony Stockman - transfer, JJ Sullinger – transfer): Why have the Buckeyes been so quiet this year? Well, they took two transfers and committed Harris before the summer. Good ideas.

23. South Carolina (Jason Parker – transfer, Brandon Wallace, Renaldo Balkman, Tre Kelly): Parker's last go-round. Solid additions all around and we think Balkman is a great defender and Wallace a fine shooter.

24. Pittsburgh (Chris Taft, Walter Waters, Dante Milligan, Aaron Gray): Just one of our Top 100 players, but man did the Panthers get big up front? Foundation class.

25. Oregon (Aaron Brooks, Mitch Platt, Ray Schafer): Surprised? We have Platt in our Top 100 and love Brooks. Keep an eye on this group in the future.

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