Brewer Helps Hogs Achieve Goals

Ronnie Brewer didn't disappoint his neighbors. Fayetteville's finest high school senior is staying close to home.

Brewer Completes Terrific First Year For Heath

Recruiting success is measured in a number of ways. Fans get excited about class rankings and so do coaches. But, that's just one element. Success, in any aspect of life, needs to be calculated on some level in terms of the number of goals you achieved.

On Wednesday, when the Arkansas Razorbacks landed Ronnie Brewer (selected the Hogs over Oklahoma and UConn), they achieved yet another goal. Coming into the year, Arkansas made it pretty clear that it would be tickled if two of the following three players would commit: Vakeaton Wafer, Ronnie Brewer and Olu Famutimi.

Well, the Razorbacks achieved that goal and more. With Brewer, a hometown hero, and Famutimi aboard, the Hogs perimeter for the future is set. Toss in a seven-footer in Julius Lamptey and a forward with gobs of potential in Vincent Hunter and you've got a successful recruiting campaign.

It's important for first-year coaches to make their marks. Usually, there's a lot to prove to the administration and the fans. Sign a recruiting class like this one, coach ‘em up next year and get some wins and the foundation for a successful program has been laid.

Achieving recruiting success like Arkansas did as a staff in its first year only makes recruiting in the Class of 2004 a little bit easier. With an exciting product and recruiting success to pitch, the Razorbacks are back in business.

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