Gaddy Opens It Up; Bradley Included In Plans

Abdul Gaddy and Avery Bradley, high school, AAU and Reebok All-American Camp participants, made news Thursday night. Individually Gaddy is changing his collegiate plans. Collectively, the plan is to attend the same college.

On Thursday, two things became clear in regards to Top 10 prospect Abdul Gaddy. First, he's no longer committed to Arizona.

"I was comfortable with the coaching staff but once there was a change, I don't know the new guys and they haven't really been in contact with me (outside of a call from Coach Olsen and Reggie Geary)," Gaddy told

"I'm going to look at my options. Arizona is still my front-runner. I'm going to open it up to 8 schools: USC, Oregon, Washington, Gonzaga, Arizona, Memphis, Texas and Kansas."

Second, he likely won't be attending college without his running mate.

Point guard Gaddy and shooting guard Avery Bradley, mates from Tacoma (Wash.) Bellarmine Prep, told that they intend to play college basketball for the same program.

"Basically, everyone says we really play well together," Gaddy said. "If you're going to take one us, you have to take both of us. Who plays better than us on the circuit together right now?"

"We're excited," Bradley said. "There aren't a lot of people who get to play with their best friend in college. Not a lot of people get that opportunity."

This revelation should come as no surprise since the two are not only high school teammates but AAU partners as well. In fact, last summer they ascended through the Reebok Breakout Camp ranks and eventually to Reebok U. together. Each has improved their ranking through the spring.

In short, these guys are inseparable. Gaddy's pledge to Arizona, made on August 23, 2007, didn't last a year. One of the driving forces behind the commitment, assistant coach Josh Pastner, is no longer part of the staff. Other staff changes, according to Gaddy, factored into the rescinding of the commitment.

"Everything was solid with them, even when Coach (Olson) took his absence. He's kept his promise and I believed him. I was solid on them and they were my favorite school. But, I also built a good relationship with Josh Pastner, Kevin O'Neill and Miles Simon. I was confident those 4 guys would help me get to the NBA. Three of those guys are gone now and they brought in new guys. I don't know them."

Gaddy is ranked No. 9 in the Class of 2009 while Bradley is No. 36 (and rising).

"My confidence is high," Bradley said. "It is my time, I feel like it is. All I want to do is keep improving and getting better."

Finally, there are programs on Bradley's list that may not be on Gaddy's and vice versa. For instance, UCLA and Washington State – to name a pair – are on Bradley's list.

"We're going to pick our school as a school that we can play right away when we get there," Bradley said. "That's the main thing. If we aren't able to both be able to play at the same time we won't have that school on our list." UCLA, Bradley said, is "definitely" on his list. Gonzaga and Oregon, two programs Gaddy listed, have shooting guard depth that may prevent Bradley from looking their way.

"Our main thing is we know how to win," Bradley said. "We've been playing together a while. Why start a new relationship with someone else when we know how to play with each other?"

Until now, spring conversation has been dominated by early pledges from younger kids. Now the focus is about to shift as one collegiate program may find itself the recipient of two big time players.

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