Top 100 Powell Headed To SEC

John Pelphrey's team is working a pipeline to a productive area of the country. Marshawn Powell, a Top 100 big man, is headed to Fayetteville where he'll re-unite with an old friend.

There's an old recruiting tenant that says your players are your best recruiters. If that's the case, Arkansas' kids aren't too shabby.

The Arkansas Razorbacks are tapping the Tidewater region big time these days. Two years ago, Stefan Welsh signed with the Hogs and now John Pelphrey's team has gone big.'s No. 79 prospect in the country, power forward Marshawn Powell, committed to Arkansas after listening to LaSalle, Miami, Maryland and Florida State.

"That's my guy right there," Powell said of Welsh. "He's like my family."

Powell, a Tidewater native who attends Charlottesville (Va.) Miller School, averaged 22 points and 12 boards as a junior.

Arkansas worked him over and finally sold him on their style. "I was just talking to the coaches and a I like their system and how they play.

"Basically they kept it real with me. I asked them if I could play my first year and they said if I worked hard I could. I just built the relationship and Stefan was talking to me and I just liked."

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