NBA Camp: Day 2 Rundown, Part A

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Spend a few days locked in on a guy and you'll get a great read on him. For us, Jon Hood has been a pleasure to watch work at the NBA Camp.

Kenny Boynton, SG – Through two days, he's been as impressive as anyone. He's refined his approach at camp and his game has been economical. Boynton's made his shots, passed the ball and in a camp where chuckers are running rampant he's been judicious with his opportunities.

Ryan Kelly, PF – Good players have amnesia. Kelly couldn't get a shot to fall in the first half this morning. The second half? Wow. He's getting exceedingly more and more confident with his perimeter game and we can't see him being left off any Top 25 lists going forward.

Boynton On His Game
Garrick Sherman, C – With a lot of future Big Ten posts on the floor, Sherman was the best of the bunch today. Great hands, reliable finisher. Nothing fancy, merely an efficient post player who is in line to have a successful college career. He's an average athlete at best but his height and propensity to finish with both hands are assets. He had 16 points and 6 boards in the morning session.

Jon Hood, SF – Toss him into any high-major setting and he'll make it. What's not to like? He's a solid athlete who possesses the ability to make shots. Doesn't need help getting open and shoots it from all areas on the floor. Think of him as a multiple-year starter at the high-major level.

Terrell Vinson, SF – He scored 17 points in the nightcap but we aren't writing about him because of statistics. Each time we've looked his way at camp he's made a play. Be it a jumper, offensive board or running the floor hard, he's made an impression.

Kendall Marshall, PG – If you polled the big guys at this camp, my guess is Marshall would be the most popular guard. He's user friendly, a strong communicator and on Thursday he was on top of his game. Basically, he's a set up man who will make shots as needed and is trustworthy when it comes to operating a team. He and Mfon Udofia, a pair of competitors, had a "spirited" back and forth.

Jeremy Tyler, C – After his first day of camp, he needed to mount some sort of charge. Thursday morning was a success. Tyler rebounded in traffic and finished with skill and athleticism. It was a glimpse into his capabilities and to reiterate, a solid answer to a poor opening night showing.

C.J. Harris will visit Virginia Tech following camp. Next weekend he and his father will fly to Ann Arbor and spend the weekend with John Beilein and the Michigan Wolverines. The Wolverines let him know that if he's serious about them he would need to head to campus. We expect they'll offer on the visit.

LEADING SCORERS – Jordan Hamilton (16.75), John Jenkins (16.25), Kenny Boynton (15.25), Josh Selby (14.0), Wally Judge (12.75), Christian Watford (12.75).

LEADING REBOUNDERS – Jared Sullinger (8.0), Garrick Sherman (6.25), Wally Judge (6.0), Jeff Robinson (5.75), Wendell Lewis (5.5), Tristan Thompson (5.5), C.J. Leslie (5.25), Dante Taylor (5.25).

ASSIST LEADERS – Kendall Marshall (5.0), C.J. Harris (4.5), Michael Dixon (3.5), Tamir Jackson (3.5), Junior Cadougan (3.25), Darius Morris (3.0), Phil Pressey (3.0).

Jeff Robinson is a perfect No. 2 post player. While he may not be the kid who carries the entire frontcourt scoring burden, he will be comfortable rebounding and playing within the system. Seems like an intelligent post player. … Jordan Morgan's body has been steadily improving as has his game. …

Food For Thought: Compete. One area of emphasis we're looking at this summer is competing. We want to see players who value winning and who cares about playing with pride and passion. Too many good players are going through the motions and frankly the guys who do that now, in one person's mind, are candidates to coast in college too. …

Jordan Hamilton can get buckets and his size is an asset. Going forward, collegiately, he'd be wise to tune up his handle. … Herb Sendek has one of those guys he likes to coach coming his way. Trent Lockett has a basketball brain and ability to make shots. Right up Sendek's alley. … Here's one you won't see everyday at camp: a kid taking two charges. Carlos Lopez stepped in front of a pair of drivers. Unfortunately for him, he was tagged with two blocking fouls but we appreciated the effort. … Brandon Paul has shot it well at times during camp. …

Ryan Kelly is holding tight at 9 schools. He won't shrink the list until after July. The chosen 9 are: Virginia, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Davidson, Stanford and North Carolina State. …

Anthony Marshall has offers from Miami, UNLV, Gonzaga and SMU. Florida and UCLA are sniffing around. Last week he visited Miami. His next stops are Marquette (elite camp), UCLA (elite camp) and potentially Gonzaga. …

Mfon Udofia has Georgia Tech and Virginia charging hard. Wake Forest, Texas, South Carolina, Kentucky and Oregon are on the list. Memphis and Florida are looking as well. …

"You remember me? I'm the guy who beat Team Melo on one foot."

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