Bejarano Is Big 2010 Surprise

Daniel Bejarano isn't a big name nationally ... yet. The Phoenix North standout played so well at the Nike Hoop Jamboree he's earned himself some ink.

There's always a storyline coming out of the Nike Hoop Jamboree. This time around, Daniel Bejarano is front and center. The 6-foot-4 Phoenix (Az.) North 2010 shooting guard made his mark in St. Louis.

"(Being a team player) that's what I do here and with my AAU team, I just do what I do," Bejarano said. "I can be a ball player that passes and shoots when I'm open. It's tough at a camp that I'm not used to. I did good in the Jamboree and passing the ball is one of the reasons why."

Bejarano was rated as one of the top wing performers of the entire camp. With the type of talent that was in the building, being one of the best at his position is a big deal. The spotlight nationally is about to shine his way.

One thing we know, Bejarano knows how to handle it. "My sophomore was kind of different from my freshman year. I say that because every year I try to step it up and show something different.

"Every summer I work out constantly every day. I averaged more than last year but it's not about my points. It's about my defense and my ball handling. I have to look out for other players, not just myself. My game will come along."

From what we've gathered, early offers from Arizona State, Indiana, Marquette and Tennessee are on the table. Interest from UCLA, SMU, California, Arizona, Virginia Tech and Kansas State is there.

This month, colleges are allowed to reach out once to underclassmen. It can be overwhelming. Not for Bejarano. "First the assistant coach calls and then they leave me the number for the head coach. They're all cool and they're trying to recruit players so they have to be nice. I ask them how they're doing and what they're family is like. It's not just about basketball, it's beyond that."

Last weekend, Bejarano was on ASU's campus in team camp. He relied on his old stand by motto, the same one that he used to impress onlookers at the Hoop Jamboree.

"I'm a guy who doesn't like to lose and I try everything I can not to lose."

Bejarano's team finished ASU's camp undefeated.

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