Carlwell Headed West

Brian Carlwell is headed west. After ending his career at Illinois, it's time to regroup and see what his final two years have in store.

San Diego State popped a big transfer this week. Brian Carlwell, a former Top 50 player in 2006, committed to the Aztecs.

"It came down to San Diego State and Arkansas State," Carlwell said. "The fact that Arkansas State just got a new head coach, it was a good chance for them to turn it around there. They have good coaches and players but I liked San Diego State's situation better. They're track record is on paper and you know what they did."

The 6-foot-10 Carlwell was ranked No. 37 in the country in 2006. He signed with Illinois, got distracted and found trouble off the court. San Diego State offers him a chance to fulfill his promise on the court and he's not taking it lightly.

"It's the most important thing in the world. I didn't get to end my career at Illinois the way I wanted to. This is a second chance for me to show a lot of doubters that I plan on being successful in life wherever I go. I want to make my family proud."

The Aztecs, according to Carlwell, match how he sees himself with what they do as a team. "You can never guarantee anything but I think they want me to be a big presence in the middle. I like to screen a lot and I can run the floor well for a big. I think they want to open the game up and add some fast break elements to the game."

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