Adams On The Rise

Raleigh-Durham is cranking out prospects these days and one of them, Garrius Adams, is on the verge of breaking out. July is about opportunity and Adams has his chance to continue his ascent.

Sometimes it takes a little longer for guys to hit their stride but when they do, look out. Garrius Adams, a 6-foot-5 shooting guard out of Apex (N.C.) Middle Creek has been on a tear as of late.


"He's falling in love with the weights," Middle Creek coach David Kushner said. "The big thing that coaches told me was that he wasn't explosive enough. But, he hadn't grown into his body and now with the strength and him playing well, he's more confident.

"He doesn't feel like there's anybody on the court who is able to stop him. I've always thought he could get to the highest level and I don't see any reason why he wouldn't. Every week he gets a lot better."

Armed with offers from East Carolina and High Point, Adams has options. Northeastern, Fairfield, Virginia, Wake Forest and Massachusetts have called. Miami, Providence and most recently Texas A&M have checked on him.

Most will use the July period to put him under the microscope for a closer examination.

"(Colleges) want my schedule and they say they've heard some good things but I'm sure they've never seen me play," Adams said. "They always talk about how many scholarships they have and that they're looking for a wing."

The Garner Road traveling team will be at Big Shots, an event in Augusta, Ga., and the AAU Nationals in July. Armed with an increased dose of confidence, who knows what the summer will bring?

"Right after my junior year and shifting into AAU, I feel like I'm going into another gear right now," Adams said. "I used to play hard but now I play hard the whole game. I used to have a couple of good plays but now it's the whole game."

His jump shot has been a source of confidence. It's affected his entire game. In short, this rising senior has taken command of his game and he's ready to be productive in July.

"I want to be noticed for the first time. I want to know where I want to go. Right now I don't have an idea of where that "right school" is now. Once the summer is over, I'll get calls and figure out where I'm headed."

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