2010 Rankings: Scout.com Expands To Top 50!

With the summer traveling season upon us, Scout.com dipped further into the 2010 pool and expanded its rising junior rankings. Tristan Thompson remains the top dog.

Scout.com 2010 Top 50

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With a number of June events in the books and the class as a whole beginning to mature, we felt this was the appropriate time to expand our 2010 individual rankings.

Earlier this spring we rolled out Tristan Thompson as the nation's highest-rated sophomore. Since anointing him No. 1 he's managed to back up the distinction and grow nearly two inches. Not too shabby but there's work to be done.

The makings of an excellent crop nationally exist with this group. In expanding our rankings to the Top 50, we've stumbled onto a new group of names and some guys have become fast risers.

Did the nation know who Daniel Bejarano was prior to June? How about the emergence of Josh Selby? June was kind to both of them as it was Joe Jackson. The Memphian has been on a tear since embracing the point guard aspect of his game.

Though we've expanded to 50 – and increased the overall size of our database – we've been stingy with star rankings. So far we've only handed out 15 5-star distinctions while keeping a tight reign on our 4-star prospects.

July is moving month and we expect dozens of prospects to go out and get it done over the next four weeks of action. In August we'll loosen the purse strings, anoint more 4-star players and expand to a preliminary Top 100!

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