Summer Basketball 101: 2009 Rankings Updated

For the most part, the National Top 100 list remained intact. However, heading into July we added five new 5-star players (like Michael Snaer) and shuffled around our list. From Derrick Favors to Andrew Fitzgerald, here's our revised effort. 2009 Top 100

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For the rising seniors, the examination begins today!

July 5 is the unofficial beginning of the all-important summer season. Camps, tournaments and international competitions hit their stride this month. While a handful of all-americans head to Argentina for the FIBA games in search of the Gold, the majority of the high school basketball players remain stateside.

With that in mind, we've decided to update our rising senior national Top 100. OK, we had trouble trimming to 100 so we've made the one-time exception and included 101 players. From Derrick Favors (No. 1) to Andrew Fitzgerald (No. 101), no spot is guaranteed. Everything is up for grabs and this month is going to provide order to a chaotic situation.

Our advice: play hard, look like you want to be there and remember, someone is ALWAYS watching. Head coaches, henchmen, scouts and fans a like are dotting the landscape of the month. Make your first – and sometimes only impression – a great one.

We've got new faces in our Top 25 and these guys – for now – earned coveted 5-star status. They are: Ryan Kelly, Wally Judge, Michael Snaer, Avery Bradley and Alex Oriakhi.

Simply put, Kelly has been the fastest rising big man in the nation. Judge spent a few weeks working out with Michael Beasley (a good idea) and he rocked NBA Camp. Snaer and Bradley earned their spots by captivating crowds out west. Oriakhi, well, he's got greatness in him and we'd like to see what he can do with a month-long focus knowing there is gold at the end of the pot.

As always stay tuned to for daily updates from around the nation during the all-encompassing month of July!

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