West Coast #1: Wrap Up

The West Coast All-Star Camp first session had some very impressive performance from Tyler Honeycutt, Derrick Williams and Devonte Elliott. There was also a monumentally bad decision in the all-star game selection process...

Carson, Calif. The cream rose to the top in the Best of the Best All-Star game, as Tyler Honeycutt, Devonte Elliott and Derrick Williams all had strong performances…

Tyler Honeycutt, 6-7 SF Sylmar (Calif.) High. Honeycutt was easily the best player in camp, showing off his high skill level and also playing very well in the paint. Honeycutt rebounded well for the duration of the camp and he also led the camp in blocks. In the all-star game, Honeycutt scored in a variety of ways. He knocked down deep jumpers, but also made a couple of very impressive little floaters from about eight feet while shooting the ball on the way up. Honeycutt is a scorer and he's also one of the best passing wings in the west.

Devonte Elliott, 6-9 PF Paramount (Calif.) High. Elliott is seemingly getting better by the day. He was a bit timid and lost when I saw him in April, but he's made tremendous progress since then. He's developed a pretty decent shot facing up to about 17-18 feet. And his improved scoring ability has seemingly impacted the rest of his game. He was attacking the rim for dunks whenever possible in this camp. At the defensive end, he was active and very effective in using his length and quick feet. He's very agile for a power forward and his upside warrants looks from high major programs.

Derrick Williams, 6-6 PF La Mirada (Calif.) High. Williams had some great moments in the all-star game, when he started dominating around the basket. He had a couple plays where he missed a shot and got back up very quickly before any other players reacted to the ball. He's got a very good frame, he moves well ad he plays bigger than his size. His stroke is solid to 17-18 feet and he's got good ball skills overall. He's another guy that figures to have high major looks this summer.

Nuno Muandumba, 5-10 PG Phoenix (Ariz.) Pinnacle. Muandumba had a terrific showing in the camp and he's moved way up on my point guard list. He's a true point while also possessing one of the best jump shots at the position in the west. He loves to dribble at defenders and then pull up from the top of the key (where he's very accurate). He stays on the floor, has excellent balance and makes very good decisions. You might wish he was a little taller but, regardless of his size, he's still one of the top several point guards in the west for 2009.

Matt Borton, 6-4 SG Yakima (Wash.) West Valley. Borton was very good each time I saw him at the camp. He's a very good decision-maker, with an excellent feel for the game. While he's a very good shooter, he doesn't hunt his shot, which is unusual for a player with his stroke. Borton plays the game the right way and he took the only two charges I saw anyone take in camp. He's worth a look at the mid major level.

Jordin Mayes, 6-1 PG Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester. I wish all the wild point guards I see every year in the west would just play the game the way Mayes does. Great feel, great sense of pace, never plays out of control or forces the action. Add that to a very high skill level and you have a high major prospect. Some coaches will wish he was a little quicker or explosive, but his frame, length and skill level make him the top point guard I've seen in the West Coast class of 2010.

Josiah Turner, 6-0 PG Sacramento (Calif.) High. In what will go down as one of the all-time bad decisions in the history of the West Coast All-Star Camps, Turner didn't make the Best of the Best game. Instead, he was placed in the frosh/soph game. Dave Taylor, the head coach at Lodi High, was Turner's coach during the camp and he explained to me that he felt Turner didn't defend as well as he could have and didn't do a few other things that Taylor wanted him to do. All I can say is Taylor might want to stay out of the evaluation business, because that decision was laughable. Turner was the best prospect in the camp and there were at least five guys in the Best of the Best game that won't play D1 basketball. An incredible passer, Turner has a great feel for the position. And he would have made the Best of the Best game better just by his mere presence and ability to get the ball to other players. With continued development, he's an elite, high major player.

Jonathan Davis, 6-6 PF Simi Valley (Calif.) High. Davis has the look of a kid that might get bigger. He's still growing into his body, but he's got above average skills and a very advanced feel for the game. Depending on how his body goes, he has a chance to be a terrific player someday.

Dulani Robinson, 5-4 PG Oakland (Calif.) McClymonds. Robinson has a high skill level and plenty of game – he just needs to grow. If he just gets to the 5-8 or 5-9 range, he's going to be a player.

Kyle Richardson, 6-6 SR PF/C Lakewood (Calif.) Mayfair, said he's been hearing from Lehigh, Princeton, UC Irvine and San Jose State.

Derrick Williams said Marquette, Boston College, Tulsa and San Diego have been on him the hardest to date.

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