Global Challenge Spotlight: Harrison Barnes

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Harrison Barnes had a busy itinerary this summer and it finally came to an end for the Ames (Iowa) High star on Sunday following a loss in the championship game at the Nike Global Challenge.

Playing on USA Team1, Harrison Barnes helped lead his squad to the title game, where they fell to USA Team2, 117-104. Despite the loss, Barnes was among the top players at the event and made the All-Tournament Team.

"It was great to come out here and see the players that you've been playing with all summer for the last time," Barnes said. "You just want to go out there and showcase your talent because it's your last time playing with these guys."

"This is a great event and it was great to play with all of the foreign guys and see how they play the game differently," he continued. "They are much more fundamentally sound than us from the United States. They penetrate well, pass well and they've really mastered the fundamentals."

The 6-foot-6, 190-pound rising junior wing had a slow start to the weekend, as he was just 2-for-8 from the field in his first game. From there on he picked it up, scoring 22 in his second game and 11 in the finale. He finished with a total of 39 points and 23 rebounds through three games.

"I thought I played well," Barnes said. "The first game, it took me a while to get acclimated with how the game is played at the foreign level. But after that I thought I played well."

With summer basketball over for Barnes, he's hoping to spend some time relaxing, before he examines his recruitment.

"Right now my focus is to take a break from basketball," Barnes said. "I'm going to take a couple of days to clear my head and spend some time with myself. After that maybe I'll focus more on recruiting and figure out what's going on."

Throughout the summer, Barnes -- ranked the No. 1 small forward in the 2010 class by -- picked up scholarship after scholarship from high major programs. Among the schools that have offered are Duke, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, LSU, Purdue, Texas, UCLA, USC, Florida, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

Now a few other schools are trying to get involved. The most recent schools that have jumped in the mix are North Carolina, Louisville and Georgetown.

"I've talked to Coach [Rick] Pitino," Barnes said. "I've talked to the assistant at North Carolina and I've talked to [John] Thompson from Georgetown."

At this point none of the three schools have offered Barnes a scholarship, as he is just starting to form a relationship with each one. "Louisville has great facilities and a good basketball team of course," Barnes said. "North Carolina is one of the most prestigious schools in college basketball. And Georgetown is good year in and year out."

So with these three schools just now getting in the picture, will they be at a disadvantage for getting in late?

"They're not at a disadvantage at all," Barnes said. "Right now everyone is still equal."

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