Favors Narrows List; Has Two Visit Dates

Derrick Favors recently cut his list of schools to 10 and is planning to take a pair of visits to in-state schools in the near future.

With the AAU season out of the way Derrick Favors is slowly beginning to narrow his school list. Throughout the past year the nations top ranked recruit would list up to 20 schools, but now he's got it to 10 and has a pair of visit dates in place.

"Recruiting is still going strong," Favors high school coach Michael Reddick said. "He's narrowed it down to 10 schools now and hopefully by the time we get to September we'll get it to six, so he can try and get serious."

"I cut it down to ten," Favors, a 6-foot-9, 220-pound PF, said.

The final ten are Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Memphis, UCLA, Kentucky, Florida, Kansas, Connecticut, and North Carolina State. From here, Favors, of Atlanta (Ga.) South Atlanta, is planning to take some visits.

The current plan is to visit Georgia on August 28th and Georgia Tech on September 27th. No other visit dates have been set up.

This past summer, Favors was dominant at times playing for the Atlanta Celtics. He also played in a number of camps, including adidas nation this past weekend.

"I think it went real well for me," Favors said of his play this summer. "This was my last summer. I just wanted to go out strong with it."

"I didn't feel any pressure," he continued. "I just went out there and made plays and play the way I play all the time."

Favors said his original plan was to make his college choice by April, however said that his decision could come much sooner.

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