Shannon Takes Inventory Post-Summer

Terrence Shannon dodged a major injury in Las Vegas but he can't escape the intense pursuit from a pair of ACC and C-USA combatants.

Sometimes lightning does strike twice. It happened this summer in Las Vegas to the Atlanta Celtics. A year ago, power forward Delwan Graham nearly stole the show as the under card to heavyweights Derrick Favors and Chris Singleton.

This time around, 6-foot-7 power forward Terrence Shannon did his best Graham impersonation at the adidas Super 64, the same event Graham used as a launching pad to a stellar recruitment.

Ironically, Shannon can't run from the Graham comparisons as the college guys are quick to point out the similarities in style – undersized, athletic, attacking – this year's version of the same guy.

"It's a bunch of them (making the comparison)," Shannon said. "They basically say the same thing. I'm high energy and a good rebounder. They say I'm a beast."

The Celtics might have won the Super 64 had Shannon's train not been derailed by a knee injury. He's about 10 days away from getting back on the court. At the time his injury was thought to be serious. Since it was diagnosed as a bad sprain.

OK, now that the "blow up" is complete, we wanted to know: who was there first? Florida State. Frequently Leonard Hamilton sent his entire staff to watch Shannon. The Forsyth (Ga.) Mary Parsons senior indicated that FSU was first in line before the July hit parade.

"They've been there the longest. I can say that."

But, the Seminoles have company, namely from the national runner-ups.

"I think Florida State and Memphis are the two he's flipping back and forth the most right now," Hulio Smith, executive director of the Celtics told "I think Florida State has done a good job and Josh Pastner turned it on so hard. Memphis is right there now."

Maryland, Minnesota and California would be termed long shots at this stage but worth noting.

Shannon's rise was predicted by Smith. "It was the same thing Delwan Graham did last summer. We knew coming into the summer that they were the same. Both are high energy with their motor.

"Playing in Cincinnati and Vegas, he always goes so hard he makes up for the skills he doesn't have. He's strong and he's got great athleticism. His wingspan is ridiculous."

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