Villanova Snags Third Big Timer

Do not sleep on Villanova. On Monday, the Wildcats added their third Top 40 prospect in the Class of 2009. Big Mouph Yarou made a splash when he committed to Jay Wright's team.

Shsssh. Hear that? You have to listen very closely because the buzz isn't very loud yet.

What began with a June 2007 commitment from a young local kid named Maalik Wayns has now grown into three pledges from a trio of very highly regarded prospects. Villanova isn't getting the headlines for their efforts (yet) but they are getting the big time players.

On Monday, big man Mouphtauo Yarou, a 6-foot-9 strong man, picked the Wildcats after looking at UCLA, Vanderbilt, New Mexico State and Connecticut.

Chris Timba, a close advisor and former college player himself, told that Villanova's prospect haul was a major factor in his guy picking the Wildcats.

"He saw who they were recruiting, bringing in and who they have," Timba said. "All of that came in place and they are different positions. They compliment each other."

With little primo national fanfare, the Wildcats are getting it done. Yarou checks in at No. 28 on the latest Top 100. His ranking is strong but he's not even the top recruit in the class so far.

Wayns, a 6-foot-1 hard-nosed Philly point guard out of Roman Catholic owns the 26th slot on the list. Wayns came off the bench for the U.S. Junior National squad in July. He's the ringleader of this gang.

When Wright and his staff travel to see Yarou, they'll be killing two birds with one stone up at Montrose Christian, Yarou's newest school. Yarou will play alongside's No. 31 prospect Isaiah Armwood.

With Wayns, you have a natural leader with an edge to his game. Yarou gives you the power and presence in the paint. Armwood, he's the glitzy face up four man who may wind up playing small forward on the Main Line.

All in all, it's quite a crew.

With "Mouph" the Wildcats earn praise not only for winning the battle but identifying the prospect. One of America's wisest men, Talladega Night's Reese Bobby once said, "If you're not first, you're last." Well, credit the ‘Cats for listening.

"The thing is Nova is the first high-major school that really believed in him. Villanova was the first to put an offer on the table and say they needed him. Other schools were talking, looking, sending letters but nothing specific. Villanova made that jump and said he would be their center as a freshman."

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