Johnson Made Most of Brief Summer's No. 25 prospect, Elijah Johnson, doesn't have any visits set but he will. The ultra-athletic guard is beginning to establish comfort zones with a handful of programs.

Some guys play every day in July. Others, like combo guard Elijah Johnson, make the most of their limited opportunities. The native of Gary, Ind., who plays for Cheyenne High in Vegas, was strong at the Super 64 in July. It was his only time on the circuit.

"I was doing school stuff so my senior year would go easier," Johnson said. "In the long run, I needed to get that school stuff done. It would have been nice if I could have gone to some of those things."

Ranked No. 25 by, Johnson was gone but not forgotten. Still, he has regrets about his lone foray onto the summer scene in July. "I wasn't even in shape, I hadn't shot in 2-3 weeks. I couldn't do anything; I was going to school all day. I've been in position to qualify, I was just trying to make it easy on myself so my GPA would be as high as it could be."

Whether they saw him once in July or a dozen times in April, colleges remain devoted to this ultra-athletic guard who sees his long-term future at the point.

"I think there are some schools that are still after me. I gave a top five and after that some stopped recruiting me. There's still schools trying to get me."

In the mix are UCLA, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Purdue, Marquette and a few others have inquired. Johnson hasn't set any firm visit dates but does have three in mind.

"Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma, I feel like they put the most into (my recruiting). They've used all the calls they can get and its not too long that goes by before I hear from them. They ask me about the important stuff, instead of just "are you working on that jump shot?'"

Johnson said he's most comfortable with the staffs at Oklahoma and Kansas.

"I want to play for a coach that understands where I'm coming from … the point guard point of view. I know Texas puts out a lot of guards. Every year they have a point guard going to the NBA. Kansas plays three guards and the coach at Oklahoma went to Duke and he went through what I'm trying to do so I know that'll help me."

Oklahoma owns a commitment from a frontline point man – Tommy Mason-Griffin – but Johnson won't be swayed by his presence if he deems OU's the right fit for him.

"It doesn't matter. I played with him before and I can play with him again; especially with Willie Warren. If he stays, we can all play together."

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