West Coast 2010 Rankings: Small Forwards

Anthony Brown and Daniel Bejarano head a very short list of 2010 West Coast small forwards....

The 2010 small forwards in the west have yet to really separate
themselves, with the exception of two players. So for now, I'm
listing the two top guys -- who are clearly way ahead of everyone
else -- and we'll let the rest sort themselves out in the coming
year. Brown is the top ranked small forward but he really could
end up playing the one, two or three. He's got the ball skills, and
feel, to play the one. However, I'm not sure he'll be able to defend
point guards at the next level. His body is still changing and it's
tough to know just what he will look like two years from
now. Bejarano is a very good jump-shooter and he's pretty bouncy.
I didn't get to see him a lot in July, though, so I'm not sure
about his ability to put the ball on the floor. In any event,
he's going to be recruited at the high major level.

1) Anthony Brown, 6-5, Huntington Beach (Calif.) Ocean View
2) Daniel Bejarano, 6-4, Phoenix (Ariz.) North



David Black, 6-4, Piedmont (Calif.) High
Dominique Carr, 6-5, Riverside (Calif.) North
Kyle Collinsworth, 6-4, Provo (Utah) High
Jamal Ford, 6-4, Richmond (Calif.) Salesian
Bryce Jones, 6-3, Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft
Conner Gillett, 6-5, La Mirada (Calif.) High
Ben Hayes, 6-5, Mission Viejo (Calif.) High
Garrett Jackson, 6-5, Portland (Ore.) Westview
Dominique Lee, 6-4, Berkeley (Calif.) St. Mary's
George Matthews, 6-6, Phoenix (Ariz.) St. Mary's
Moses Morgan, 6-4, Las Vegas (Nev.) Palo Verde
Desmond Simmons, 6-5, Richmond (Calif.) Salesian

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