On Campus: Week of Sept. 13

The Southern Cal Trojans host one of the most significant collections of weekend talent in recent memory. You heard it here first: the weekend pickup ball will outshine the pigskin tussle!

The Southern Cal athletic department will issue between 150-200 sideline passes for the USC-Ohio State game Saturday night. Many of those passes are earmarked for the Will Farrell's and Snoop's of the world. In reality, the football contest might be the semipro game on campus.

The real action at USC will be on the basketball court where some of America's top players are likely to get into a big time pickup hoops contest. The Trojans brought the best collection of recruiting talent they've ever hosted – for hoops – onto campus for a series of official and unofficial visits.

It'll be a Fab Five style theme with the likes of Renardo Sidney, Kenny Boynton, Jordan Hamilton and Tyler Honeycutt on hand and those are just the seniors ranked in the Top 20.

USC was able to lure junior bigs Josh Smith and Jeremy Tyler to town. If those two play pick up this weekend, that will be the real collision in the coliseum.

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