Devil of a Day In Durham!

The Duke Blue Devils hosted a pair of priority targets on Saturday. True to form, the Devils are tough once kids hit campus and this pair of juniors are officially on board.

The Duke Blue Devils won more than just a football game on Saturday. Mike Krzyzewski, fresh off the Olympic Gold medal, scored a pair of golden recruits this weekend.

Two of Duke's top priorities from the Class of 2010 found Durham and the Devils to their liking. Josh Hairston,'s No. 26 prospect and Tyler Thornton, No. 49, committed while on unofficial campus visits.

Thornton Will Be The Leader

"I had an idea (before the visit)," Thornton said. "But when I got here it was a feeling." The 6-foot-2 Washington (D.C.) Gonzaga point guard will be handing out assists the next four years to his pals. Shooting guard Andre Dawkins was already on board and Hairston, like Thornton, committed during the visit.

"Andre was in my ear and when I sat down with Coach K, I knew," Hairston said. "He told me Duke is for me."

When the man who coached LeBron and Kobe tells you his school is for you, recruits listen. So far, the Blue Devils have fared well since returning from Beijing. Can the hits continue?

"Really (Coach K) told us about Harrison Barnes and Brandon Knight; he'd be happy about that," the 6-foot-8 Hairston, a Courtland (Va.) High product told

Obviously Knight (No. 5) and Barnes (No. 3) are priorities for the Devils and would put Duke's Class of 2010 way up in the recruiting stratosphere.

Thornton said his commitment to Duke was born of many factors, Coach K being a primary motivator. "It's not just one thing," Thornton said. "It's knowing all of his knowledge as a coach and a person. I'll be here with two players that I know."

In addition to Thornton and Hairston, Duke owns a pledge from No. 23 Dawkins. Each player is familiar with the other and they'll arrive on campus with pre-existing friendships.

Hairston and Thornton and teammates for the highly successful D.C. Assault program which has been Duke friendly in recent times. Guard Nolan Smith was also a member of Assault. Dawkins is a Boo Williams guy, the same program which produced the ACC's all-time leading scorer, J.J. Redick.

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