First Visit Strong For Robinson

Thomas Robinson was part of a 3-man contingent that landed in Lawrence last weekend. From his view, the visit went extremely well.

Thomas Robinson,'s No. 20 prospect, made his first official visit this past weekend when he tripped to Kansas. The national champs were awarded their rings.

Obviously Robinson didn't receive a ring, but that didn't prevent KU from immersing he, John Wall and Daniel Orton into the experience. "It was great," Robinson said. "They made us feel like we were part of the basketball team and students there.

"Nobody committed on the visit but I would probably say the visit did help give us some understanding about Kansas and our recruitment. I think I'd probably speak for everybody."

With Kansas and Memphis going head to head with so many recruits these days, it's only fitting that Robinson's next trip will be the Tigers Oct. 4.

One thing is clear, the Jayhawks scored big with him this past weekend. One of the reasons was the environment of togetherness that was fostered.

"Everybody stayed together but even without the basketball stuff, that team was always together. There was chemistry and the coaching staff was really cool. I got to meet Danny Manning and that was cool. We were talking around campus and people were screaming our names."

Wall has deep Memphis ties, as does Xavier Henry, the other big name recruit that is common to both school's 2009 recruiting efforts. Wall will visit Memphis before deciding and Henry will see both programs again.

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