Securing A Visit Date Important With Gallon

Tiny Gallon has four schools on his short list and visited one of them last week. The key date is Oct. 10, the next time he'll make an official visit. Who gets the trip?

Last weekend, Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill Academy center Keith Gallon saddled up and made his way to Oklahoma for an official visit. He was greeted by the Sooners and Tommy Mason-Griffin, his AAU teammate and OU pledge.

According to Oak Hill coach Steve Smith, the trip went well for's No. 37 prospect.

The big question is how many more visits will "Tiny" take? "He's not really keen on making a bunch of visits," Smith said. Since his arrival in the summer, Gallon has buckled down in the classroom and is firming up his frame.

"He's obsessed with his classes and obsessed with basketball. He's at the resource center every day and he's working. I'll give him credit, he's changed his approach to school."

Gallon hasn't set another visit and Mississippi State, UNLV and Cal are in contention for the trips. It's unlikely he steps foot on every campus on his list. Therefore, Oct. 10 is a big weekend for one of these schools.

"He's going to make a visit the weekend of the 10th because it's a 3-day weekend here but he hasn't said who he is going to visit that weekend," Smith said. There's a chance said visit could be his final one making the competition for the trip more intense and solidifying the date paramount to the successful recruitment of Gallon.

Gallon, a Texan, has a unique list of programs. He's all over the place geographically but Smith said the reason is ties to different schools and locales.

"He's originally from somewhere near the Bay area," Smith said, explaing the presence of the Golden Bears. "Mississippi State's been on him from Day One and his sister played there and they've been recruiting him the longest. UNLV has worked him too."

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