Northern Caught Napping

DURHAM, N.C. – It's entirely possible Northern Durham looked at their schedule, glanced at Southern's roster and noticed Anthony King was missing and started looking towards Friday's game with Millbrook. Big mistake.

Southern Bounces Northern Durham

Maybe Northern Durham noticed that Southern's Anthony King wasn't in the building and starting thinking about Friday's matchup with area power Raleigh Millbrook? Maybe it was just one of those nights where no one got fired up to play? Regardless of the reason, Northern Durham lost one that probably should have never been close. Southern prevailed 73-59 after breaking a 46-46 tie at the end of three quarters.

Southern's King was missing from the game and was out of town. The day before Thanksgiving, his brother died after a massive heart attack. He was just 25 years old. In King's absence, guard Thomas Cortland hit up Northern for 29 points.

Northern's super junior, Roy Bright had 28 points in the game. To date, we've never seen him get less than 28 in a regular season contest and he always delivers the goods. He's good enough for us to know that despite the big scoring number, this wasn't vintage Roy Bright.  

Bright converted 12-for-22 from the field, including 3-of-7 3-point attempts. But, it was his rebounding total – 5 – that left us scratching our head. Normally, you can mark him down for a double-double and that should have happened against a smaller Southern team. Bright opted to leak out on offense instead of going to the boards and that's the single biggest reason for the lack of rebounding production.

Sophomore shooting guard Montez Smith chipped in with 17 points for Northern. The Knights have a big test Friday against Millbrook and junior Cameron Stanley who hit up Enloe for 33 points on Tuesday.

NOTES – There were no college recruiters in attendance on Tuesday. … Some early schools to kick around with Bright would have to include Cincinnati, Tennessee and North Carolina State. …

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