Robinson Sold On His Two Choices

Another elite player is on the cusp of deciding. We already know Ryan Kelly is on the homestretch. From the sounds of it, Thomas Robinson isn't too far off from deciding himself.

Thomas Robinson stepped off the plane for his visit at Memphis wearing a shirt and tie. The attire was appropriate for the setting.

The 6-foot-8 power forward out of Brewster Academy, ranked No. 20 by, appears on the verge of making a career decision. He's down to Memphis and Kansas.

When we caught him Sunday night, the Tigers were fresh on his mind. "I liked it, it was good," Robinson said. "I got to know the coaches better and I asked a lot of questions. I hung with the players and got to know them better. It was good to see them practice and see how the offense worked.

"It's just Memphis and Kansas now."

Kansas hosted him Sept. 20 and by all accounts, scored big points. "I'll sit back over these next couple of weeks and see what happens around me and then make my decision." If you took Robinson's temperature, he sounds like a young man on the verge of making a tough decision sooner rather than later. However, he's watching what is taking shape with other recruiting scenarios.

"Anytime (Kansas or Memphis) sign someone else, as far as other players, I'll be looking. I'm not saying I'm going to base my decision on where John Wall and Xavier Henry go but they go but I would like to play with them. I feel that if I played with those guys we'd be dangerous."

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